Proven Practices for ePRO Adoption

In this webinar Nicole Latimer and Melissa Newara are joined by Dr. Frances Rubenstein from Nevro to discuss how Nevro, a medical device company, implemented ePRO to close gaps in data accuracy, reduce context switching for staff, and enhance patient convenience.
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Meet Medrio Episode 1, Part 2: Patient Engagement Solutions

Part 1 of our series looked at how eConsent strengthens your consent process to ensure better patient comprehension, adherence, and retention. Our experts Melissa and David are back to dig into ePRO and how you can set your study up to achieve as much as 97% compliance with patient reported outcomes.
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Meet Medrio Episode 1, Part 1: Patient Engagement Solutions

It’s no secret that patient recruitment and retention is one of the most significant challenges in clinical studies. With 35% of patients who dropped out of trials citing the consent form as confusing, you have an opportunity to ensure that your study’s consent process is simplified and designed for patient comprehension.
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