Put participants first with electronic consent tools that help explain and illustrate what participation means for them. You can use eConsent to reach patients where they are, in whatever way they prefer, on their favorite devices.

Powerful Participant Permissions

Welcome to the future of patient consent. Paper-based informed consent forms (ICFs) aren’t effective. Your clinical trials need an electronic consent solution that will enhance your recruitment efforts and support retention – they need Medrio eConsent.

It was very easy to use Medrio’s system. In less than two weeks, and after just a couple of calls with the Medrio implementation manager, I felt comfortable creating and deploying eConsent on my own.”

Build a Better Participant Consent Process

Electronic consent does more than eliminate the need for paper forms. It lets you meet trial participants where they are. Remote consent capabilities give patients the space to absorb and ask questions, while multimedia features help them learn what a clinical trial has to offer and what risks they are taking.

It has been fantastic, and so far the best solution I have seen from any eConsent vendor...Overall, it's been fairly easy for sites and patients to use. It adds a lot of value to our studies, and it takes away barriers.”

Full-Featured and Flexible eConsent

Easily create and modify electronic ICFs for better patient understanding than paper-based consent forms. Our eConsent lets you pick what works best for your participants.

Multimedia Capabilities

Images, video content, quizzes, and FAQ sections engage patients, boost comprehension, and support retention of information.

Version Control

ICF version tracking and oversight expedites sharing of revised ICFs and participant re-consenting.

Global Regulatory Compliance

Have confidence in regulatory submission with EU-compatible and 21 CFR Part 11-compliant eConsent.


Capture paper or electronic ICFs at the same time, in the same study, using the same workflows.

Build a Better Participant Consent Process

Adding multimedia, remote-capable eConsent will help your trial participants fully understand what participation will mean for them, leading to higher rates of patient engagement and retention later on.

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Informed consent is a journey – for patients and their caregivers as well as study teams – rather than a mundane procedure of simply gathering signatures. A robust eConsent platform can be built to address participant concerns and answer questions while being extremely cost-effective.”

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Using our integrated system, we are able to capture and securely store your clinical trial’s electronic source (eSource) data.

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