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Preparing for the European Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR)

September 27, 2023
Understand how the European MDR (EU MDR) will impact medical device manufacturers and what you can do to prepare.

European Medical Device Regulation: 5 Steps to Prepare for What’s Coming

Discover how the EU MDR is already impacting companies and learn what you can do to prepare for its full release.
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Success Story
CDMS / EDCeCOA / ePROeConsent

3 Steps To Success: How Swing Therapeutics Harnessed Medrio Solutions to Secure FDA Clearance

Discover how Medrio CDMS/EDC, eCOA/ePRO, and eConsent supported Swing Therapeutics in securing FDA clearance.

Opportunities in Rare Disease Research: Embracing Unique Considerations

Discover insights from leading experts and learn strategies specific to rare disease research for engaging patient communities, retaining participants, designing studies, and optimizing supply chain.
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How Data Is Reshaping the Future of Clinical Trials

September 1, 2023
Data management in clinical research is at an inflection point. Learn what you can do to create more accurate, high-quality clinical trials.

Beginner’s Guide to Electronic Data Capture (EDC) for Clinical Trials

August 22, 2023
The right EDC system can set researchers up for success in building faster, more robust trials. Read more to learn the essential EDC building blocks.
CDMS / EDCeCOA / ePROeConsent

The Moral Obligation: Digital Data Capture for Patient-Centric Trials

August 4, 2023
Digital data capture, such as electronic data capture (EDC), ePRO, and eConsent, create patient centricity and enable accurate data collection.

Finding the Right EDC Solution for Your Next Clinical Trial

Medrio's latest guide, helps you navigate the EDC selection process with ease.Learn how to choose an EDC that fits your research needs by discovering the important factors and features to consider, such as usability, scalability and security.

Why eSource Ensures Data Integrity in Medical Device Clinical Trials

July 14, 2023
Understand the challenges with source data verification and learn how eSource affects clinical trials and improves data integrity.

Moving Beyond Tech Adoption: The Future of Clinical Trial Technology

Join the insightful webinar on the evolution of clinical technology, growing complexity of clinical research and uncover the current challenges and gaps in eClinical tech. Our esteemed speakers, including Medrio's CEO Nicole Latimer, will share their expertise and discuss the future of trials.

Fully Remote, Hybrid, or Flexible Hybrid Decentralized Trials

CROs and sponsors must consider multiple factors when deciding between a fully remote, hybrid or flexible hybrid approach for their clinical trial. Read up on the key considerations here!
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Utilization of Patient-Reported Outcomes for Medical Device Trials

Medical device sponsors are diversifying study formats, using ePRO tools like apps and web-based solutions. A survey by Medrio and studioID shows that over 90% find ePRO valuable for device trials.

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