From Discovery to Pivotal Trials: How Freenome’s Partnership with Medrio Enabled Large-Scale Clinical Trials for Early Cancer Detection

Join Freenome’s Director of Clinical Informatics and Data Science, Yontao Lu, Ph.D., Aijing Gao, Senior Clinical Data Scientist, along with Medrio’s Melissa Newara, Senior Director of Subject Matter Expertise, as they discuss best practices to achieve scale without compromising patient-centricity, share insights on how to overcome challenges with large-scale studies, and show how the right partner can help overcome technical obstacles. 

What you will learn:

  • Best practices for conducting large-scale studies with eConsent and ePRO to achieve scale without compromising patient-centricity
  • Case studies and insights on Freenome’s use of Medrio EDC to manage more than 40,000 subjects and support various needs from sites
  • How to overcome technical challenges and streamline data management with the right partner


Yontao Lu, Ph.D., Director of Clinical Informatics & Data Science, Freenome

Melissa Newara, Senior Director Subject Matter Expertise

Aijing Gao, Senior Clinical Data Scientist, Freenome

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