Strategic Scaling for Clinical Trials: Enhancing Productivity with Advanced Solutions

With ever-rising regulatory, resource, and time pressures, today’s clinical trial sponsors must push for efficiency and quality while scaling clinical trial operations.  Listen to an insightful discussion that uncovers best practices for leveraging economies of scale and enhancing productivity in clinical research.

During this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to achieve efficiencies through strategic scaling
  • What tangible examples helped streamline processes and boost productivity
  • Why adhering to standardized practices and protocols enhances reliability, consistency, and successful outcomes
  • What the future of at-home diagnostics trials looks like, from remote patient monitoring to decentralized trials


  • Nicole Latimer, CEO at Medrio
  • Khone Saysana, Lead Data Management and Clinical Data Science at Roche Diagnostics
  • Walter Stoettner, Principal Data Scientist at Roche Diagnostics

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