Randomization & Trial Supply Management (RTSM)

No matter your study size, type, or randomization schema, our all-in-one RTSM solution helps you save time and money. Plus, with access to a fully integrated solution, your teams get better oversight to high-quality, reliable data.

Eliminate Bias and Elevate Your Study Supply Management

IP scarcity can derail a clinical trial. Incorporating randomization and supply management best practices into your study design ensures clinicians will have access to the product they need, budgets are properly managed, and participant privacy is protected.

Working with Medrio for RTSM was smooth, simple, and really stress-free.”

Holistic Randomization and Trial Supply Technology for Any Study

Move randomization and supply management out of spreadsheets. Our optimized RTSM platform integrates with Medrio EDC via single sign-on, so you can seamlessly and securely push randomized participant information to a single source of truth. With Medrio RTSM, you can configure allocation rules, automate shipment approvals, and receive issue notifications, to stay in control of IP logistics with less effort.

Compared to RTSM vendors we’ve worked with in the past, Medrio has been much more thorough. You came to the table with a clear understanding of our protocol…We really appreciate the effort you put in.”

What Makes Medrio RTSM Different from Other Clinical Trial Solutions?

Medrio RTSM works for any study phase, size, and type, but it’s our team of product, project, and subject matter experts that truly sets us apart. From the first conversation to study closeout, we are committed to building transparent, engaged, and collaborative relationships with our customers. How do we do it?

How Medrio RTSM Supports Clinical and Trial Supply Group

Participant Management​

From participant screening to dispensation, Medrio RTSM can support study teams by confirming participant eligibility, maintaining balanced cohorts, and distributing dosing schedules.


Medrio RTSM supports a wide range of randomization types and complexities, while guaranteeing that selection bias is removed from your study data, speeding the path from research to regulatory approval.

Supply Chain Management​

The ability to track inventory from initial receipt through eventual return and destruction is critical. Medrio RTSM provides visibility into inventory levels at site and depot level while supporting drug accountability.

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You’ve shown dedication, collaboration, and leadership throughout the process of getting the RTSM service up and ready for FPI. Kudos to your team. I know we are grateful, and you’ve earned our trust and respect.”

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