Moving Beyond Tech Adoption: The Future of Clinical Trial Technology

Sponsors, CRO’s, and sites from across the life sciences industry spectrum have moved beyond simply adopting clinical technologies to next generation of technological advancements that can manage the increasing complexity of clinical research and give real time results. In this webinar we will discuss:

  • The growing complexity of clinical research. How has clinical technology evolved over the last few years? Where are the gaps?
  • Examples of how eClinical tools can reduce human effort, streamlining the time to approval.
  • Current challenges and gaps in eClinical tech.
  • Where have trending topics exceeded reality? (AI, machine learning)
  • What should we be thinking about now to improve trials for the future? 
  • Lessons learned in the field. 


Nicole Latimer, CEO of Medrio

Paul Upham,  Head of Smart Devices at Roche / Genentech

Rachel Chasse, Digital Operations Lead at ABBVIE

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