Improve Timelines and Data Quality Across End-to-End Trial Management Processes to Drive Efficiency

Frustrated by fragmented trial management technologies? Underwhelmed by half-baked integrations that don’t deliver as promised?

Data quality and the timely sharing of clinical data are vital to improving trial management processes. The Medrio and Pharmaseal partnership has created a standardized, validated data integration solution that lets you focus on study management rather than worrying about data integration. Tune in to learn how the integration between Medrio’s EDC and Pharmaseal’s CTMS reduces data entries and provides real-time data visibility from collection to management.

In this webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • How to achieve complete data transparency with an intelligent integration designed into the study build process
  • Why a fully integrated EDC and CTMS eliminates data discrepancies, duplicate entries, and manual validation with our automated integration between EDC and CTMS
  • How Pharmaseal and Medrio put you in total control of your study management strategy 

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