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The convergence of technology and patient-friendly solutions

At Medrio, making life easier for clinical researchers and trial participants is at the heart of everything we do. Using technology to collect data or understand the consent process blows paper collection out of the water. We offer full-service solutions to streamline your research so you can focus on your patients rather than multiple vendors. But we also know that new technology can be intimidating. So our focus is on designing user and patient-friendly solutions that are, dare we say, even a bit enjoyable to use.

OurStory Origins

From Start-Up to the Big Leagues

In 2005, a small group of innovators bounced between their apartments, building the first cloud-based EDC. That system would revolutionize our industry. Influenced by the myriad of ways technology has improved our lives since the mid-’90s, we tinkered and tweaked to develop an EDC that anyone could use—no computer programming degree needed.

Our Teenaged Years

Over time, we grew — both in terms of the people we employed and the items we offered to customers. We took risks, suffered growing pains, and fell flat on occasion. We also opened multiple offices worldwide, hired a team of Medrians across four continents, developed an ever-growing list of smart solutions, and kept just enough quirk to keep us laughing every day.

OurStory TeenageYears
OurStory NotDone

We’re Not Done

Our new CEO joined us in 2020 and is infusing a revitalized vision into every department across our company. We’re working faster than ever to bring more services and smarter solutions that will continue to improve your clinical trials.

Adapt or Stay Steadfast – Why Not Both?

We’re constantly evolving and adapting to our industry’s needs (looking at you, COVID-19), but what hasn’t changed is our commitment to putting you first.

We listen to your needs to deliver requested features and streamlined products that make your trials work better. And when you have a question or hit a speed bump in your study build, you can count on our stellar customer service and tech support to see you through it.

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