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Medrio Reports: Detailed Insights and Easy Access

Solution Sheet

You’ve built your study and started collecting data – how do you now ensure things run smoothly from here on out? With the vast multitude of reports easily accessible in Medrio, you get a real-time view of site performance, form and subject status, data changes, and other key insights essential to keeping you in control and keeping your study on track.

EDC Reporting for Today’s Clinical Researchers

Fast and Easy

Simplify and accelerate your processes by building your reports right in Medrio. This gives you the power to view your reports when you want to, rather than relying on an external system for access.


Gain quick, 360-degree insight into all aspects of your study progress using a wide variety of reports – from data management reports, to query reports, to reports for monitoring, and beyond. Save, schedule, and deliver custom reports to anyone, whether inside or outside your organization.


Gain extra speed and convenience with a suite of ready-made reporting templates that you can easily customize to your specific needs. Display data across all your sites, and run reports either in real-time or at a scheduled time of your choosing.


Medrio reports are fully compliant with FDA regulations, and our improved submission casebook navigation makes it easy for the FDA to access your reporting data.

To succeed in clinical trials today, researchers demand the ability to gain the study insight they need, when they need it. Medrio empowers you to build and access the ideal reports for your study, and to extract, organize, and share data quickly and easily. With these essential resources, you can rest assured your studies progress smoothly as you work to bring new products to market.


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