Supply Chain Optimization: Seven Considerations for Your Next Clinical Trial

Supply chain optimization is critical in clinical trials. In almost all clinical trials, sponsors must destroy unused stock. This inefficient process wastes costly investigational product (IP) and adds to the expense of running a clinical trial. Meanwhile, the entire product life cycle must be tracked.

When sponsors can develop a lean, streamlined clinical trial supply chain operations strategy, they alleviate staff workload and significantly reduce IP waste and therefore inventory. 

Developing this strategy is easier said than done. In this eBook, RTSM experts, Marc Weinberg and Ian Davison, explain how to develop a coordinated, participant-focused dispensing plan that’s also feasible and cost-effective.

Download the eBook to learn:

  • Why you should plan your supply chain early
  • How to select a robust RTSM platform and partner
  • What supply chain strategies you should consider to accommodate protocol changes, trial complexities, and resource constraints

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