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Get Ready for eConsent


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Webinar Notes

The clinical research industry has been working hard to incorporate patient engagement into its operations. Enhancing the informed consent process has been crucial to these efforts – and at the heart of it is eConsent. Industry surveys have indicated that a majority of top pharma organizations are planning to move beyond paper-based consent processes toward an electronic future, and regulators around the world are pushing for improved patient consent in clinical trials.

Watch eClinical technology experts Charles Gemora and Alex Martelli of Medrio as they discuss the impact of eConsent on clinical operations, complete with a demonstration of Medrio’s cutting-edge eConsent platform. The webinar, Get Ready for eConsent, will equip attendees with insight into how eConsent compares to traditional informed consent processes, and why it’s an essential component of the future of clinical research.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how eConsent breaks down barriers in patient comprehension and serves as a strong patient engagement resource
  • Learn how both industry organizations and regulatory bodies are signaling support for eConsent
  • Get a detailed look at the interface and navigation of a real eConsent tool 

Webinar Hosts

Charles Gemora

Senior Solutions Engineer

Charles Gemora brings years of experience as an expert in eClinical software solutions to our webinar. He has worked closely with data managers and other professionals across the clinical research industry, from pharma to device and beyond, and has gained an insider perspective on the development of ePRO technology. He holds a Bachelor of Science from University of California, Berkeley, and is currently based in Atlanta, GA.

Alex Martelli

Product Manager

Alex Martelli is the primary product owner for Medrio’s suite of mobile tablet apps, and has overseen the development and release of Medrio’s new eConsent tool. He has spent years working in Product Management in B2B SaaS and mobile technology at a variety of organizations. Alex holds a Bachelor of Arts in Cognitive Science from the University of California, Berkeley, and is currently based at Medrio’s San Francisco headquarters.