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eConsent – The Good, the Bad, and the Regulatory


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Webinar Notes

For clinical trial patients, the informed consent process has long been in need of optimization. High patient attrition rates indicate that we’re not doing enough to ensure patients truly understand the risks and burdens inherent in clinical trial participation. We can do better. As we rethink informed consent to improve it for all stakeholders – especially patients – electronic informed consent (eConsent) has a key role to play. Join Gabe Westerlund, Solutions Engineer at Medrio, as he explores the opportunities presented by the advent of eConsent, and how the consent process is evolving to deal with changes in technology, a focus on patient-centricity, shifting guidance, and regulatory pressures.

Webinar Hosts

Gabriel Westerlund

Solutions Engineer, Medrio

Gabriel Westerlund is a data-driven and creative problem solver with a passion for technology. As a Solutions Engineer at Medrio, he is the go-to technical expert for product demonstrations, customer implementations, trainings, and more. Gabe holds a Bachelor of Science from Uppsala Universität in Uppsala, Sweden, and is based out of Medrio's San Francisco headquarters.