Thanks for Helping Medrio Fight Cancer!

Last month, we launched a social media campaign to raise money for cancer research. We put out a call on our social channels, as well as here on the Medrio blog, for photos of our favorite cat, Dr. GoodData, pledging to donate a dollar to the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center for each picture submitted. The name of the campaign: Dr. GoodData Out In The World.

Today, we’re happy to announce that the campaign was a success. We received dozens of submissions full of adorable photos of Dr. GoodData having adventures in all sorts of locations. He made friends with our customers’ kids, stopped by a clinical trial site, appeared at SCDM 2018, and even posed for a portrait for a homework assignment. He even did some dancing with Medrio’s own V.P. of Customer Success, Lauren Costella!

Take a look at a selection below.

 Fight Cancer with Medrio
 comprehensive cancer center Cancer Social Media Campaign

What happens now?

After tallying up the submissions, we decided there’s no reason to limit ourselves when it comes to fighting one of the world’s biggest public health challenges. That’s why, instead of just donating a dollar for every photo submitted, as promised, we’re going a step further and donating $250 to the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center. With cancer threatening over a million lives per year in the United States alone – and with such innovative research taking place in oncology, from immunotherapy to precision medicine and beyond – the choice couldn’t have been easier.

We’d like to thank all who participated in the campaign, as well as all the Medrio customers conducting oncology clinical trials. Your tireless work is bringing us closer every day to finally defeating cancer. It’s truly inspiring, and we feel fortunate to play a small role in this cause, both through the Dr. GoodData Out In The World campaign and by providing the eClinical resources to help you accelerate your research.