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Our unified platform of EDC, eConsent, ePRO, and Direct Data Capture
offers everything you need to run decentralized trials without compromising data quality.

Our easy-to-use technology is streamlined to improve data quality and study oversight offering simplicity without compromise. With over 15 years of experience, our decentralized platform is a proven and trusted solution designed to meet the needs of your clinical study design – whether it be traditional, hybrid, or virtual.

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Global Study Support

Our support team is available 24/7. We like to consider our global study support as a complimentary concierge service. Lean on our scientific and technical experts to guide you through study builds, starts, mid-study changes, and any challenges you face along the way.


Our Vision for the Future

Decentralization of clinical trials is a long-term strategy, not just a short-term solution. We recognize that decentralizing is not as simple as flipping a switch, and we’re here to help you transition into a more virtual environment. Our solutions are designed to meet your study requirements in a traditional, hybrid, or a virtual environment; and our flexible technology offers ease of use and an agile transition into decentralization.

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What are the Benefits of Decentralization?

Reducing patient burden has proven to increase patient engagement, which leads to better data. Patients’ expectations have also increased due to the proliferation of technology, and as such studies show that patients prefer bring-your-own-device solutions. Additionally, remote patient access reduces patient drop out and expands recruitment potential to increase patient diversity.

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See how easy it is to manage your decentralized trial with our unified platform.

With Medrio’s Unified Platform You Can:

Patient Engagement

Patient Recruitment

Accelerate Your Trials &
Reduce Risk

Data Quality

Patient Drop-Out

Medrio EDC

Rapid clinical data management on your terms
Medrio EDC
Medrio <span class="highlight-blue">EDC</span>
Set up studies in days, not months

Build studies rapidly with our simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface—without relying on programming or external contractors.

Cloud-based software eliminates headaches

Simplify and standardize the data collection process from multiple locations while integrating with other systems.

Simple, subscription-based pricing

Transparent, flat pricing and autonomy over your workflows offer much lower total cost of ownership—no need to manage costly programmers or outside consultants.

Medrio eConsent

Easily create an informed consent process for today's complex clinical trials
Medrio eConsent
Medrio <span class="highlight-blue">eConsent</span>
Accelerate form setup and deployment of changes

Upload consent forms and ensure sites always have latest version of compliance documents.

Ensure comprehension and compliance with a patient-centric process

Make consent forms more layperson-friendly with supplementary graphics and videos.

Reduce patient support needs and improve retention

Spend less time and resources clarifying consent forms. Patients are more engaged and less likely to drop out.

Medrio ePRO

Paper-free patient reported outcomes on an easy-to-use web-based platform
Medrio ePRO
Medrio <span class="highlight-blue">ePRO</span>
Capture patient reported outcomes remotely, from the participant's device of choice

Improve the patient experience by reducing the trial's impact on their busy lives.

Capture patient reported outcomes electronically in-clinic to streamline your workflow

Incorporate patient reported information into database for immediate monitor access.

Accessible online

Medrio’s suite of innovative data entry tools brings speed and flexibility to in-clinic and remote data collection.

Medrio DDC (Direct Data Capture)

Streamline your workflow and enhance data sharing by eliminating paper at the source
Medrio DDC
Medrio <span class="highlight-blue">DDC</span> <span class="subtitle">(Direct Data Capture)</span>
Capture source data quickly, online or offline

Medrio DDC makes data collection easy in-clinic or in the field. Variable grids allow your most-used charts to go digital.

Ensure data quality and patient safety

Real-time notifications surface problems with data collection and patient safety so you can be proactive.

Make monitoring more efficient

Reduce SDV and the need to print, store, and transport paper.

An eClinical suite trusted by companies around the world

See how easy it is to manage your decentralized trial
with our unified platform.

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