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COVID-19: The Catalyst for Change

With the onset of COVID-19, sponsors and CROs are actively looking for ways to continue non-COVID-19 trials that have been left in a standstill due to shelter-in-place and local lockdown

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eClinical Customer Service

With so much riding on the outcome of your research, you want to have reliable eClinical customer service behind you. When evaluating eClinical service providers, customer support may not be

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Decentralized Trials: How to Get Started

Traditional clinical trial models place limitations on patients, with logistical and geographic barriers making it difficult to recruit, enroll, and retain a diverse participant pool. Decentralized clinical trials bring the

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The Rise of Decentralized Trials

In our webinar, Medrio Founder, Mike Novotny, and Covance Vice President and Global Head of Hybrid and Virtual Trials, Bola Oyegunwa, shared in-depth insight into the state of the clinical

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