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With so much riding on the outcome of your research, you want to have reliable eClinical customer service behind you.

When evaluating eClinical service providers, customer support may not be the first thing to come in mind. You may be more focused on the essential features you need to suit your study.

However, beyond the careful evaluation of the functionality you need, it’s wise to consider the people behind your software. No matter the type of research you conduct, you want smooth trials. Proactive training and quick problem resolution can help you meet this goal.

One of our Customer Success Managers, Lisa Charlton, sums up Medrio’s view of customer success in a recent interview: “Customer success is good data with minimal pain points. No clinical trial will be without problems, so a responsive support system with proactive training is essential to a successful model whether you’re a site, sponsor, or CRO.” We’re proud to have supported more than 4,500 studies and have a 98% satisfaction rating.

As clinical trials grow worldwide, and more eClinical services emerge, it can be challenging to select best-fit solutions. Let’s look at several things you should look for from a customer service perspective:

Proactive eClinical Customer Service is Best

“I strive to form strong, collaborative partnerships. I ensure customers take full advantage of our software and utilize it in the best way possible to achieve their business objectives. Also, one of my most important responsibilities is to serve as a customer advocate — making sure their voices are heard.”

— Laurin Willetts, Medrio Customer Success Manager

Just like the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” you want service that takes preventative action. For example, one of our clients recently faced a tough challenge: they had to go live less than two weeks after new software implementation. They had scheduled in-person training in Perth, Australia; however, they were also able to begin training immediately via WebEx to transition smoothly despite the time crunch.

Also, there’s nothing worse than getting a piece of technology, having problems, and then waiting for customer support. Once you’re up and running, you want to move forward knowing your detail-oriented customer support team will be available 24/7 to resolve any issues quickly.

Customer Success Managers with Industry Experience is a Huge Plus

Having customer support managers who’ve walked in your shoes can add tremendous value. Check to see if your eClinical service provider’s team has staff who’ve worked in the industry and have in-depth regulatory knowledge. Their firsthand insights into your challenges and obstacles can go far beyond average support.

We’re proud to have several Customer Success Managers on staff with extensive backgrounds in clinical research. Our Customer Success Manager, Lisa Charlton, holds a Ph.D. in Biology and consulted on clinical outcome assessments and eCOA implementation.

When we sat down with her recently, she told us, “I think the eClinical companies that will be most successful are the ones that address the personas of the site, data manager, and patient in a timely and cost-effective manner. She adds, “I learned firsthand from sponsors about obstacles at their sites — a central focus of my career has been understanding customers and helping to solve their problems.”

In another recent interview, we sat down with Laurin Willets, a customer success manager who shares her personal experience using Medrio in clinical trials. Managers like these can help you with highly detailed questions that save you time and frustration when working through your trial.

Make Sure They Can Take Compliance Concerns Off  Your Plate

With global regulations — from Asia to Europe to North America — rapidly shifting and becoming more strict, there’s a lot to keep in mind when it comes to compliance. Be sure to check that your software is prepared for all major upcoming regulatory shifts, like MDR.

But beyond the software, make sure your customer support team can answer specific questions you might have about compliance. This team should inform you of approaching regulatory changes, and the software should do the work for you without you having to worry. For example, our eClinical suite is ready for any changes to global compliance well before any changes go into effect.

It’s Helpful to Have a Unified Support Team

Many eClinical service providers offer a variety of tools. For example, we provide EDC, direct data capture (DDC), ePRO, and eConsent software. Check that your customer support team has been trained on all tools.

It’s much simpler to deal with one team for all services, instead of having disparate support teams for each tool. For example, all our customer success staff are trained on all software. You can go to one place for all your questions throughout your study.

Many other eClinical support providers have different teams for different tools due to their size or because of acquisitions. This means you would have to talk to various support teams, and no one person could help facilitate your trial from end to end.

Customer service shouldn’t be overlooked when deciding on an eClinical service provider. Part of having safe and reliable software is a knowledgeable and proactive team behind it to facilitate your productivity. For us at Medrio, we’re proud to have industry-leading customer support. We will continue doing our part to provide researchers with the tools to continue making breakthroughs in public health. Your success is not only ours but also the patients who need your work.

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