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Patient Engagement Guide for Sponsors and CROs

Now, more than ever, sponsors and CROs need to prioritize including patient engagement in their study builds from the ground-up. This involves defining processes to remove barriers for access, increasing awareness and education for clinical trials, and creating effective exchanges between patients and their clinicians.

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How Sponsors Can Achieve Operational Efficiency with RTSM

When your trials rely on an investigational product (IP), your study timeline, budget, and overall success are closely tied to having the right product available at the right time and site. Once randomization is added in, sponsors can struggle to maintain an increasingly complex supply chain. Achieve operational efficiency with RTSM.

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Your Consent Can Make or Break Your Studies

Disruptions due to COVID-19 paired with a slew of new guidance from regulatory bodies has catapulted the clinical trial industry into a period of digital transformation.1 More sponsors and CROs are beginning to adopt decentralized solutions and embrace digital workflows, yet informed consent continues to rely heavily on paper-based processes. Lots and lots of paper.

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Embracing the Future of Hybrid Trials

Hybrid clinical trial models aren’t new, but they have grown from a novelty to a necessity over the past decade.1 While the benefits of hybrid trials cannot be overstated, many decision makers still view it as a temporary measure. Others remain weary or unsure of how to take the first steps into hybrid decentralized studies, let alone embrace it on a wide scale.

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How Unified Trial Management Future-Proofs Clinical Trials

The nature of managing clinical research has evolved greatly since the initial clinical trial management systems (CTMS) and other early eClinical technologies were introduced. As the traditional trial paradigm has shifted, new technologies have been introduced and existing ones have evolved to keep up with the industry.

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