eClinical Trends Among Small Biopharma Organizations and CROs

In a 2024 Medrio and Industry Dive survey, over 150 respondents shared information on uptake trends in clinical trial technology. This report details findings from the survey while sharing perspectives from Medrio experts. 

In the past, larger organizations embraced eClinical technology more than smaller organizations. But as clinical trial software becomes more proven, these trends are shifting. 

Nearly all—98%—of decision makers at small-size biopharma organizations (biotech/pharma) and CROs say at least half of their current studies use multiple trial technologies.

In the survey report, you will learn:

  • What clinical trial technology is most supportive for biopharma, biotech, and CROs
  • How eClinical technology is being used, evaluated, and selected
  • Why stakeholders are concerned about future clinical research complexities

Contributing Experts at Medrio:

  • Nicole Latimer, CEO
  • Melissa Newara, VP of eClinical Solutions and Consulting
  • Rod McGlashing, Data Science Subject Matter Expert

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