Trial Talks, a clinical trials podcast, focuses on clinical studies, patients, and curing disease with medical and technological innovation.

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Episode 06
Why Use an EDC for Animal Health Studies?
ClinData is a leading South African CRO focused on Animal Health studies, they recently eradicated paper from 21 studies with plans to move more …
Episode 05
Data Visualization – Making Data Comprehensible for Early Interventions
Phastar and Medrio have been partnering together on trials for the past 3 years, culminating in a unique way to visualize clinical trial data. …
Episode 04
What Does Clinical Trial Innovation Look Like?
Quartesian and Medrio have had a solid partnership since 2010 and have partnered together in over 250 studies. In this podcast, we’ll discuss the …
Episode 03
Global Pandemic Challenges & Long-Term Strategies for Preparedness
Due to COVID-19 the clinical trial industry has been adopting advanced clinical trial technology at warp speed, but what does this mean for the …
Episode 02
Stem-Cells: One Step Closer to a Cure
Hope Biosciences focuses on stem-cell research to prevent disease and degeneration. In this podcast, the CEO of Hope Biosciences discusses the recent advances in …
Episode 01
Why Clinical Trials are Thriving in Australia
Australia and New Zealand have not been impacted as much as North America and the EU with regards to COVID-19. For this reason, and …