medrio EDC

Fast and Flexible EDC

Handle database build, mid-study changes, and more in an EDC system with no reliance on programmers, unlocking essential speed and efficiency in clinical trials.

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medrio eSource

Cleaner data. Faster.

Eliminate paper and collect source data electronically with a nimble tablet app for direct data capture, and improve monitoring, data quality, and more as a result.

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Medrio eConsent

An Interactive Consent Process

Improved patient comprehension, engagement, and retention lower costs make compliance a breeze with Medrio eConsent.

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Capture patient reported outcomes in-clinic to streamline your workflow

Paper-free PRO

Streamline the management of PRO data, improve compliance, and stay attuned to the patient experience in your clinical trials with Medrio ePRO.

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Market Leader in early
phase clinical research.


Fastest eClinical Technology

Build studies in days and make changes with a few clicks.

The Easiest in the Industry

Control your processes, with no programming or database downtime.

eSource for Innovators

Paper-free sites. Smarter monitoring and consenting. Lower costs.

Early Phase Market Leader

The #1 platform for delivering speed and simplicity, not complexity.

Lower Clinical Trial Costs

With a-la carte pricing and more independence, you only pay for what you need.

Diagnostics Studies Made Easy

Bulk data upload? Robust Reporting? Intuitive UI? Medrio has you covered.

Big Success. Small Price Tag.

Saving lives shouldn't be so costly. Reduce dependencies and add sites for free.

Innovative and Integrated eSource Suite

Easier consenting. Streamlined monitoring. Real-time data sharing.

Faster Diagnostics Studies

Build studies in days with no programming and make mid-study changes on the fly.

eClinical Market Leader

Medrio leads the market for diagnostics studies among organizations of all sizes.

Easier Device Studies

We provide easy software and onboarding. You stay focused on your research.

Lower Study Costs

Avoid paying for complex functionality you don't need. Eliminate costly IT needs.

Full Regulatory Compliance

As regulations shift, we make it easy to stay in full compliance.

Innovative DDC and ePRO

Streamline minotiring and empower patients to complete surveys via email from home.

Market Leader for Device Research

Your goal: faster market arrivals. Your ally: the most innovative eClinical platform.

Your eClinical Partner

Volume pricing, robust support, and other resources help you use and sell Medrio.

Win More Business

Medrio provides tools to deliver sponsor satisfaction and win bids.

More Trials and Higher Margins

With more efficiency, you free up time and resources to increase your trial volume.

The Easiest eClinical Experience

Our intuitive platform and flexible onboarding get you up and running in a flash.

The Lowest Cost of Ownership

Attract more sponsor clients by reducing clinical trial costs.

Get Cleaner Data Faster

Reduce transcription errors by 90% and monitoring visits by 50%.

Integrated Direct Data Capture

Capture source data electronically and sync directly with EDC.

Maximize Your eClinical ROI

Reduce costs by 30% through streamlined data entry, source creation, and more.

Put Patients First

Ensure safety with real-time alerts. Improve comprehension with eConsent.

Market Leader

Medrio delivers innovative eClinical technology to clinical trial sites around the world.

An EDC and eSource suite trusted by companies around the world

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An EDC and eSource suite trusted by companies around the world

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An EDC and eSource suite trusted by companies around the world.

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An EDC and eSource suite trusted by companies around the world

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An EDC and eSource suite trusted by companies around the world

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