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Randomization and Trial Supply Management

A Fully Optimized Solution Built In Collaboration

Medrio RTSM helps teams ‘ditch the bloat’ with optimized RTSM builds based on your study needs and an implementation process designed around transparency. Stop working with solutions built to solve everyones’ problems and start working with a solution that’s built for you.

How Medrio RTSM Can Help

An optimized RTSM can bring a positive impact to your study. That’s why the vast majority of customers who use Medrio RTSM for one study continue using it for subsequent trials.

And we’ll be open with you every step of the way about our implementation processes and timelines.

With Medrio RTSM you can expect to:

What Can I Expect From Medrio RTSM?

It’s hard to shop for a randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) solution without being bombarded with unmet promises of complete configurability and quick delivery timelines.

The Medrio experience is different. We pride ourselves on building transparent and collaborative relationships with our customers. The result? A scalable RTSM solution configured to meet your specific study needs.

“Compared to RTSM vendors we’ve worked with in the past, Medrio has been much more thorough. You came to the table with a clear understanding of our protocol…We really appreciate the effort you put in.”
Global, full-service CRO
“Working with Medrio for RTSM was smooth, simple, and really stress free.”
Small biopharma
“You’ve shown dedication, collaboration, and leadership throughout the process of getting the RTSM service up and ready for FPI. Kudos to your team. I know we are grateful, and you’ve earned our trust and respect.”
Rare disease biopharma

Meet Lenny

Lenny is a clinical operations site coordinator. His duties include keeping track of who is coming in each day and what drugs they need. While reviewing today’s records, he gets a knot in his throat. He sees that two patients will need meds, but he knows that the resupply shipment just arrived yesterday— typically he waits 2 – 3 days for distribution approval. After checking with a sub-investigator on his team, he breathes a huge sigh of relief. Because his team uses Medrio’s RTSM and EDC, they were able to easily alert him that the shipment has already been approved and was cleared for distribution. That meant no appointment cancellations!

Meet Allison

Allison is a clinical research coordinator and spends her days working at a research site. She manages a number of ongoing studies and, in several cases, has to run manual reports to reconcile patient visit information. This process can be both time-consuming and stressful. But Allison is relieved when she gets to the Medrio-run study because she knows she can finally take a break to refill her coffee cup. Medrio’s RTSM system, integrated with Medrio EDC and Medrio ePRO, automatically notifies her about missing but expected patient visit information, so there’s no need to go hunting for potential issues.

Don’t Just Manage Complexity, Avoid It.