Electronic Consent (eConsent)

Putting Patients First

Most traditional consent forms still exist on a piece of paper—lots and lots of paper. Medrio’s eConsent offers a better way to reach your patients, explain your expectations, and even enhance your compliance—no paper needed. eConsent enables you to create patient-friendly forms enhanced with quizzes or advanced digital features like video and audio, without sacrificing global compliance.  Encourage participants to interact and engage more with your content using eConsent—we promise you won’t miss the paper.

Meet Samantha

Samantha has Multiple Sclerosis. When her physician tells her that she could be part of a clinical trial for a hopeful new medication, she can’t wait to enroll.  Before getting started, she’s told she needs to read a standard paper consent form, sign that she understands it, and consent to be in the study. After 10 minutes, she begins skimming the words. She finally signs her name to indicate she understands everything, even though she doesn’t.

Several weeks into the study, Samantha becomes aware of a risk that she didn’t fully comprehend when reading the consent form, and it’s a risk she’s not comfortable taking. Despite her initial enthusiasm, she drops out of the trial. Bummer.

Meet Dave

Dave has an autoimmune disease, and his doctor tells him about a new med trial that will help lessen the severity of his symptoms. He wants to participate, but he’s a little anxious about what will be expected of him and how much time it will take. He’s also worried about side effects and wants to know more. His doctor pulls up a consent form on a tablet and Dave appreciates that the information is organized into distinct, easy-to-read modules. The info maps out the benefits and risks of the study and what is expected of him. Not only is the language easy to understand, but there are supporting illustrations and a video. There’s even an FAQ section he can jump to. Life is good. Dave is so ready to participate.

The Future of Informed Consent Begins With You

We know patient understanding is crucial to the success of your trial, and it begins with your consenting process.

With Medrio’s eConsent you can expect:

  • Increased comprehension through a patient-centric process
  • Accelerated form setup and deployment of changes
  • Enhanced global regulatory compliance
  • Multimedia, FAQs, and quiz enablement capabilities
  • Improved patient retention

Did you know for every 100 patients identified for a study, only 7% of them will complete it? And 58% of those patients drop out because they fail to consent.

Meet Janae: A CRO Site Manager

Janae is a site manager for a contract research organization (CRO). She manages four separate sites for a mid-sized clinical study, and it’s the first time she’s used eConsent. She digs it. She totally digs it. The form was easy to set up, and she was able to import several of her existing templates and adapt them. She customized the language for one of her Spanish-speaking sites and increased the font size for a site that included mostly senior citizens. She even has one standardized form for the IRB to review instead of multiple versions. Best of all, she doesn’t have to travel to sites to monitor the consent forms.  It wasn’t easy convincing her director to change over from paper forms, but she’s so glad she did.

Less than 5% of clinical trials use eConsent today, but we expect rapid growth in the next three years. Medrio can help you take a step away from paper.

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