Heron Therapeutics Speeds Up Database Creation with Medrio EDC

Electronic data capture (EDC) is straightforward, in theory. It replaces paper-based data collection, so clinical trial information is easily collected, cleaned, and analyzed. However, not every EDC is purpose-designed for ease of use by study teams, and some are easier to use and more intuitive than others. To help explain what makes Medrio EDC one of the most user-friendly programs in the industry, we asked Courtnay Buonomo, Associate Director of Clinical Study Database Design at Heron Therapeutics, to explain why her company continues to choose Medrio EDC.

Easy-to-Use EDC Stands Up Databases Quickly

Heron Therapeutics is a commercial-stage biotechnology company that is focused on non-opioid pain relief after surgery, as well as nausea and vomiting prevention following chemotherapy or surgery.

Medrio has supported Heron for five studies to date with Medrio’s EDC as well as our ePRO, RTSM, and DDC. For Heron, Medrio is the solution of choice over other EDCs because it is intuitive to learn and use. “Everything is drag-and-drop,” explains Buonomo. “Since I came on board at Heron, Medrio has been our sole EDC. While I can build in other platforms, I prefer Medrio.”

“Medrio is just the easiest one to use. I’m not a programmer, but after just a couple of hours of training, I was able to start building. It’s just so easy to use,” said Buonomo. “There is no need for migration, and everything flows well. I very rarely have problems, even when making mid-study changes, and I think it is user-friendly for the end users as well. Plus, the customer service is top-notch. Those are the best parts about Medrio, in my opinion.”

Medrio as a Partner – Always There and Always Improving

Medrio facilitates a more rapid build because of its efficiency and user-friendliness.

“I now have a global library of standards,” explains Buonomo. “Using our established standards, if I needed to get a database up quickly, I could have it ready for review in about five days. If I was to use another software, because of some of the ins and outs of those systems, it’s going to add time inherently. I think Medrio will always be faster.” This speed helps companies respond more nimbly to changes in the industry and study protocols. The right EDC can help preserve timelines while providing meaningful reports as data is collected. Pulling data extracts is super easy, and data cleaning is simple.

“Medrio is a great partner,” says Buonomo. “One of the key differences that stands out to me between Medrio and other systems is the quality of the customer service. Medrio support is super responsive, and they always get me in touch with who I need to talk to if we’re working on something that is new to us.”

Medrio doesn’t just listen; they also respond to needs and work to offer the right type of support. “I also love that it’s obvious that Medrio cares about what the users are saying and makes an effort to implement their suggestions.” Buonomo appreciates Medrio’s growth over the past few years and our willingness to implement changes requested by customers. “Over the last seven years, it’s been neat to see the changes in the system and see how some of the things that I know I’ve asked for, and other people have asked for, has come to fruition and watch as a product, that was good to begin with, became even better.”

Making the Decision to Try Medrio EDC

Choosing the right eClinical technology for your study’s unique needs can be dizzying. For a CRO or sponsor that is unsure how to make the EDC decision, Buonomo has some advice.

“If someone told me they were on the fence about using Medrio, I would tell them that it depends on what they’re doing and what they’re using it for, but if it’s the right fit for your study needs, you will have a faster build time, and you will have an easier build,” says Buonomo. “Without Medrio, I’d have to hire more people. There are several systems on the market that you can’t really get away with having only one builder — they require multiple builders — making it a heavier lift all around. Medrio isn’t like that. You can standardize your builds so that you only need to make a few tweaks at startup. That approach reduces costs and saves time.”

Buonomo continues: “But if you find yourself struggling, it always comes back to their customer service for me. When you back it up with good customer service, it makes a huge difference.” Medrio’s support team is always available — and it’s not just IT. Medrio’s Subject Matter Experts, people who really know Medrio’s systems as well as the industry, are actively available to help. Medrio’s SME support has even helped Heron make informed business decisions.

At Medrio, we work hard to build products and services that do more than fill a need; they serve a purpose. Our EDC can be deployed quickly and doesn’t require complex programming. It integrates seamlessly with our entire solution set, including ePRO, eConsent, and RTSM. In turn, our customers can develop workflows that transcend checking a box to form a cohesive clinical trial data system that is simple enough to meet the most pressing timelines and advanced enough to let you respond nimbly to whatever challenges your studies face along the way.

See Medrio EDC for yourself, request a demo or learn more about what makes Medrio EDC software unique.

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