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Medrio RTSM: A Single Solution For Any Study

Solution Sheet

Robust Randomization and Trial Supply Solutions to Fit Any Study

Randomization and trial supply can make or break a study. Ensuring assignments are allocated correctly, keeping the right supply on-site, keeping close tabs on progress and inventory status, and most importantly, having confidence that all the proper controls are in place is enough to keep any Clinical Operations leader up at night.













Ensure High Quality and Consistent Data

  • Fully integrated with Medrio EDC 
  • Save time by reducing duplicative entry and reconciliation
  • Real-time data updates
  • Identify missed visits sooner
  • No need for programming resources
  • Stay on top of trends with the most current progress view

What if a single solution could help you reduce site overages by 20-40% and increase patient compliance while meeting all of your randomization needs?

No need to choose between the two – Medrio RTSM offers robust randomization and trial supply solutions that scale to fit any study.

No matter your study size or type, our two-in-one solution helps you save time and money while ensuring the right product is available for every participant at the right time.  With Medrio RTSM, you can align to your sites’ storage capabilities and reduce waste with demand-driven stock and true just-in-time supply workflows.  Enforced tracking log delivery at the time of shipment receipt means approvals happen within minutes of site receipt, while integrated shipment approval and dispensation modules increase your confidence that only approved product is used.  Plus, our fully integrated solution gets you to better oversight and quality data faster, and our team’s exceptional service ensures you’re live and teams are ready to go in time for your first patient randomization. 

Improve Patient Compliance

  • Collect eligibility data
  • Record visits
  • Randomize
  • Deliver clear dispensing and dosing instructions
  • Screen fail or withdraw
  • Emergency break blind

Reduce Overages & Waste

  • Control products from depot to the site, subject, and back
  • Manage incidents
  • Accountability and returns
  • Destruction
  • Demand-driven
  • Unblinded data
  • Just-in-time shipments
  • Integrated approvals
  • Automated temperature tracking

Advanced Reporting

  • Always available
  • Enforced log uploads
  • Real-time
  • Customizable
  • Downloadable

Let Us Show You How We're Different

You’ve used RTSM solutions before, and you know what you need. Let us show you why you should choose ours over the competition, and how we can make your life easier.