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Medrio Professional Services: Building a Strong Foundation Together

Solution Sheet

We create the solutions, but you are the ones who put them into practice. It’s important that we give you a good foundation to be successful with your eClinical suite. Our Professional Services team is comprised of knowledgeable product experts and data scientists who understand your unique challenges and how to solve them. Whether you need assistance setting-up your first study, integrating a new API, or increasing patient engagement—our experts ensure you have the tools for successful study management once handed the keys. 

Lean on Our Experts for Proven Results


Integrations Completed


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Regulatory Approvals


Integrations Completed


Day FPI Achieved


Customer Satisfaction


Regulatory Approvals

Starting Off Strong

Our intuitive solutions were designed to put you in the drivers’ seat. And our professional services team is ready to hand you the manual. With comprehensive onboarding packages tailored to your unique workflows and study needs, we aim to have you confidently ‘driving’ your clinical trials in a matter of weeks. 

What Tailored Onboarding Looks Like:

  • A kick-off call to establish project objectives and discuss timelines, roles, and responsibilities that are specific to your studies. 
  • Consistent, module-specific training with a dedicated Implementation Manager from your initial build through go-live date to ensure your studies are progressing and you are set up for success.  
  • A graduation call to evaluate the success of your go-live and answer any remaining questions.
  • Access to an eLearning lifetime subscription and growing Customer Community for additional resources, training, and updates.

Onboarding was smooth and easy, thanks to a series of helpful meetings and active follow up from our Medrio Project Manager.

Clinical Data Manager, Sangamo Therapeutics

Onboarding for Data Management:

We offer additional onboarding for customers looking for data management of a study. Our Data Sciences team has 100+ years of combined industry experience to provide end-to-end support of database build-out to database lock.

  • A dedicated data project manager and lead data manager (Phase I to IV)
  • Support of in-house or 3rd party builds
  • Database and eCRF development and design
  • Dedicated SMEs for EDC, ePRO, eConsent, and DDC
  • Access to eLearning paths geared towards
    • Data Entry
    • Query Management
    • Dictionary Coding
    • CRA/Approvals
    • Reporting 

Growing a Trusted Partnership

With over 770 secured approvals, our Medrio team is not only experts in our solutions, but also in your study needs. Whether you’re looking to make a mid-study change, configure custom queries, add hardware to your existing eSuite, or anything in between—we’ve got you covered. Lean on our dedicated project managers, implementation specialists, data scientists, and a full team of knowledgeable Medrio experts to increase your trial efficiencies and build a strong foundation for successful clinical trial models. 

The Value of a Professional Service Project Manager

  • Serves as your dedicated point of contact from beginning to end of your project or study.
  • Coordinates any multi-faceted aspects of the project, internally and externally, to streamline your communication touchpoints.  
  • Identifies potential issues or risks in your study build and works with you to find the best mitigation strategies.
  • Is committed to delivering high-quality services and software that keep your studies on time and on budget

So, What Types of Studies Need Professional Services?

Meet Hector. Hector and his team are starting their first decentralized study using Medrio and need full onboarding support. They are using Medrio DDC, but don’t have any hardware. They also have a few 3rd party systems they want to connect with Medrio EDC and need to manage work through a custom report delivered every morning. So Hector’s team really needs Onboarding, eLearning, Implementation, Hardware, API, and custom reporting. That kitchen is going to fill up with cooks quickly! 

With Medrio, Hector can work with his dedicated Project Manager (PM) to coordinate these separate projects and act as an extension of his team. His PM works cross-functionally to secure the necessary hardware, create a module-specific onboarding for Hector’s team, manage the study-specific timeline, and help them resolve any issues they run into. After go-live, Hector’s PM checks in monthly on the off chance something has come up. Hector is glad he had a go-to PM he could tap into throughout his study, not just when something breaks. Not only did his study reach FPI in 8 weeks (4 weeks ahead of schedule), the automatic DDC to EDC sync helped them decrease transcription errors, and their PM helped Hector’s team feel confident building their next study.

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Training & eLearning

Custom Reporting

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