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Get Better Data and Improve Patient Experience

Medrio ePRO handles all the complexities of patient reported outcome (PRO) data, from flexible automated notifications and data collection to the support of popular quality of life (QOL) instruments. Get set up rapidly and empower your team with robust functionalities that lead to more efficient and affordable process clinical trials. Take greater control over costs, timelines, and patient safety.

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Data Validity and Regulatory-Grade Real World Evidence

What is Medrio ePRO?

Better patient experience

Accelerate PRO data collection with time-stamped patient data submitted from their device of choice from the comfort of their home. Achieve 80%+ better compliance over paper diaries and reduce patient burden.

Accessible patient data

Easily segment and deploy region-specific content without the need to print, manage, and store paper versions. Improve patient safety and AE detection by making PRO submissions immediately available to monitors.

Flexible and robust survey tools

Medrio supports common PRO formats such as EQ5D, Bristol Stool Scale, CREST.BO, and more (subject to copyright) along with custom surveys.

Get full peace of mind for global regulatory submission

Medrio eConsent meets or exceeds all global regulations for collecting clinical data. From ICH/GCP and 21 CFR to GDPR and HIPAA, we give you the tools to focus on the trial and the peace of mind that your data is compliant.

How does Medrio ePRO work?

  • Collect PRO data in-clinic or remotely
  • Capture data remotely from a participant's device of choice
  • Improve patient experience and reduce patient burden
  • Build ePRO forms with no programming
  • ePRO data syncs back seamlessly to EDC
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Sponsor - Pharma and Biotech Clinical Trials | Medrio

Pharma and Biotech Trials

Medrio’s eClinical platform delivers the speed and tools that fast-moving, pharma and biotech trials demand. Leverage Medrio’s proven EDC, eSource, ePRO, and eConsent solutions to gain robust functionality and boost ROI. Reduce the complexity of building and managing eClinical tools, and accelerate the market arrival of life-saving medical products.

Accelerate study build and create forms quickly

Automate and incorporate PRO data directly into your study

Improve data quality and accessibility

Product - eConsent empowers organizations | Medrio

Intuitive Software for Medical Device Researchers

Medrio’s intuitive, cloud-based platform empowers device researchers to streamline data collection, boost patient engagement, and ensure compliance. Accelerate your product’s journey to market with the #1 EDC for Medical device trials.

Meet timelines comfortably with programming-free study build

Automate and incorporate ePRO data directly into your study

Get transparent pricing and pay only for the features you need

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Streamline Diagnostics Data Collection

Medrio’s intuitive eClinical platform empowers diagnostics researchers to manage large amounts of data with less work. Replace programming and paper-based processes with do-it-yourself study build and remote data sharing. Leverage the platform used by leading diagnostics organizations and enjoy top-tier support.

Meet timelines comfortably with programming-free study build

Easily upload large amounts of data with bulk upload

Get transparent pricing and pay only for the features you need

Contract Research Organizations-intuitive eClinical platform | Medrio

A Partner for Contract Research Organizations

With Medrio’s intuitive eClinical platform, CROs position themselves to reduce costs and timelines, deliver high sponsor satisfaction, and increase margins. Take advantage of a wealth of support resources to get started quickly and determine the best fit for your sponsors. CRO competition is on the rise. How will you set your organization apart?

Leverage ample resources and support to drive more business

Accelerate setup and mid-study changes to comfortably meet timelinessetup and mid study changes help you stick to your timelines

High data quality and accelerated timelines give you a competitive edge

Trusted by companies across all industries.

What our customers have to say about us

We offer 24/7/365 customer support and have a 98% customer satisfaction rating.

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