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The Patient Preferred Method of Data Collection

Are you ready to keep your patients more engaged and increase adherence? Then Medrio ePRO is the tool for you! ePRO has proven to increase compliance, reduce patient burden, and with Medrio’s seamless EDC integration you can be sure your data is more accurate, complete, and secure.

Using ePRO—A Day in the Life of a Trial Participant

A black man sitting on a couch, holding his hand on his hip, clearly in pain.

Max suffers from debilitating arthritis pain. He recently enrolled in a clinical trial to test a new drug that would help relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis. As part of the study, 3 times a day Max has to identify how he feels. Rather than recording this information in a traditional paper diary, he uses his iPhone to let the clinicians know how his body is feeling. 

He is grateful for his reminders, which alert him to enter his info. He answers questions about his pain levels and other physical symptoms and hits the submit button. All the information is automatically incorporated into the study data collected for all participants. Max is happy and so are the clinicians.

See How It’s Done

We know that patients like Max are your number one priority. Our ePRO tool allows you to focus on the person, not the paperwork. It also increases the chance that Max and other patients like him will complete the study.

Curious about how Medrio ePRO would work for your study? We’re happy to show you how you can get cleaner data faster with electronic patient-reported outcomes collected from anywhere, on any device.

Why Do Patients Like ePRO?

  • They have a better overall experience
  • They can use their own familiar mobile phone or tablet from their home or at the trial site
  • They get reminders when it’s time for them to enter data
  • They feel safer knowing clinicians have real-time access to the information they report

Why You'll Like ePRO

  • Higher quality patient data—identify mistakes before it’s too late
  • Real-time attribution—gain insight into your patient-reported and clinical data, as well as patient adherence, with fully compliant PHI and PII-protected audit trails 
  • Your patients are safer—you can view patient-reported outcomes immediately and respond to adverse events faster than ever before
  • Flexible workflows—support remote and in-clinic workflows for all site and protocol needs 
  • Anytime, anywhere—set survey availabilities based on patient time zones and trigger forms to activate at specific time intervals

Let Us Help You Help Your Patients

Our team of eCOA/ePRO experts has more than 25 years of combined experience. Let them help you design your survey, navigate regulatory guidelines, assist with licensing, and more.