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Direct Data Capture

Say Goodbye to SDV Headaches

Empower your team with a mobile tablet app that captures data electronically at the source and syncs directly to your EDC. You can boost site productivity and patient-centricity by streamlining monitoring and giving site staff more bandwidth to focus on patients.

Meet Jack

Jack is responsible for collecting data from more than 50 patients at one study site, and he does it all on paper. Jack’s patients laboriously record their information onto paper forms; then team members must enter it into his organization’s Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system. Jack works very hard, but despite his diligence, it’s still easy to make a mistake when collecting data on paper. To guard against errors, Jack’s colleagues must verify that each bit of data entered into the EDC matches what originally appeared on the paper form. Jack (and his team) are stressed out and exhausted.

Meet Jill

Jill is responsible for collecting the same data as Jack, but she learned about Medrio’s Direct Data Capture (DDC) mobile app. She visits her patients in their homes and uses Medrio-provided tablets to record their data on or offline. Once Jill is back online the data automatically transfers to the EDC. That’s it. Her team doesn’t have to worry about transcription errors or validating source data. If clinicians make a mistake, forget to report something, or enter a result outside of the acceptable range, Jill is automatically alerted. She is confident that she’ll be alerted to download any mid-study changes, ensuring that her data is always adhering to the latest version of the protocol. Jill has all the data she needs—and then some—to stay on top of regulations and make sure her study is fully compliant. Jill is chill. 

Our DDC Helps You and Jill

  • Allows clinicians to collect data offline
  • Save valuable time by reducing headaches associated with source data verification (SDV)
  • Receive automatic alerts about possible data issues
  • Automatically sync your data to the EDC
  • Make mid-study changes without worry
  • Use your preferred device – iOS or Android 
  • Save money and your sanity
  • Focus on your patient’s health, not your computer screen

A big plus about going live with Direct Data Capture is that multiple people can access patient charts at the same time.

Gina Pierce, Database Builder, Altus Research