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Medrio Solutions and Services

Increased regulations and trial complexities—we know all about it. Our solutions and services are designed to help you navigate the ever-changing clinical trial landscape. We invite you to embrace eClinical technology and join us on our journey towards the future of clinical research.

What Does Medrio Offer?


Decentralized Clinical Trials

We’ve been innovating eClinical software since 2005 with the intention of simplifying workflows for clinicians and patients. Our Decentralized Clinical Trials Solution is no different. We offer a unified ePRO/eCOA, eConsent, DDC, and RTSM with our EDC. And all of our solutions are designed to meet you where you are and help you reach your goals—in a traditional, hybrid, or fully virtual environment.


Electronic Data Capture

Our user-friendly Electronic Data Capture offers simplicity without compromise. Its flexible, intuitive design makes it possible for you to build your entire study the way you want it and on your own timeline. Find out how our powerful, fully-compliant EDC streamlines your trials so you can achieve FPI in as little as seven days.


Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes

Increase your patient engagement with our web-based ePRO solution. Gain valuable insight into your patient-reported and clinical data with a web-based solution that is available on any device, anywhere. And get this—Medrio’s seamless EDC integration ensures your data is more accurate, reliable, and secure.


Electronic Consent

Traditional consent forms are tedious and tiresome to read—making it harder for patients to grasp what’s expected of them and ultimately leading to higher drop-out rates. Our electronic consent tool uses plain language and enhances forms with media-rich quizzes, videos, and audio. We do this to increase your patient’s informed consent, without sacrificing global compliance.


Direct Data Capture

Our mobile tablet app helps you say goodbye to headaches caused by SDV by collecting data at the source and syncing directly to your EDC. Help your sites gain valuable time and empower them to collect data directly from the source—online or off—with Medrio DDC.  


Randomization and Trial Supply Management

We know randomization can make or break a study. What if a single solution could help you reduce site overages by 20 – 40% while increasing patient compliance and meeting all of your randomization needs? It would be a game-changer, and we’re here to tell you—we’ve changed the game.


Professional Services

We believe in building a healthier future together. That’s why we put just as much energy into supporting the many sponsors, CROs, sites, and patients we work with as we do into our technology. Lean on our team of experts for study builds, licensing, translations, and everything in between.

Compliance and Security

You can rest assured that our solutions are fully compliant and secure. We work with external auditors to ensure we’re following all of the necessary protocols, and even a few extra just to be certain. We adhere to the strictest of standards and meet or exceed all global data collection regulations such as ICH/GCP, 21 CFR, GDPR, and HIPAA. You can focus on your trial with complete confidence that your data is compliant with Medrio.

That's not all. Our global team is available 24/7 so when you call, we answer. You'll receive support from a Medrio employee, not a temp agency because we recognize that every moment matters