Real-World Evidence and Phase IV: Making Enrollment and Engagement Work at Scale

As clinical trial sponsors work to incorporate more real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) into research studies—particularly Phase IV clinical trials—many organizations are encountering challenges with the influx of data and enormous scale of Phase IV studies.

In this expert- and research-backed eBook, we’ll discuss how to enhance enrollment and engagement for larger RWD-dependent studies. Discover why using the right tools and processes when collecting RWD can complement an already operationalized Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system for quality, compliant Phase IV RWE generation.

You will learn how to:

  • Navigate the changing landscape of RWD, RWE, and Phase IV Trials
  • Think strategically about digitizing front-end processes for RWD capture
  • Build better trial operations to create a seamless experience for participants, sites, and sponsors
Contributing Experts:
Melissa Newara, VP of Subject Matter Expertise at Medrio
Tina Caruana, eClinical Solutions Subject Matter Expert at Medrio

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