Direct Data Capture (DDC)

Say Goodbye to Paper and Hello to an eSource Solution

Clinical research spans every corner of the world and is becoming increasingly digital, yet nearly 50% of the global population is still offline. For studies that meet certain criteria, the Medrio Direct Data Capture (DDC) application paired with Medrio Electronic Data Capture (EDC) can help teams overcome internet coverage challenges they face in the field and move to a eSource collection model. Our mobile tablet app captures data electronically at the source, even when users are offline. Once they’re back online, they can sync data directly to Medrio EDC. Enjoy a paper-free, error-free, and most importantly, stress-free workflow – all without causing a major hit to your budget.

Is Medrio DDC Right for Me?

Medrio’s DDC application isn’t for every study. However, if some or all of these criteria apply, it might be the eClinical solution you need.

  • Your data capture workflows are simple with minimal form dynamics.
  • Your study requires an offline workflow in an area where there is no or limited internet coverage.
  • You can work closely with data entry users and sites to provide training and workflow standardization.
  • You’re prepared to partner with a Medrio DDC expert throughout the duration of your study.

To learn more about Medrio DDC and how it can support your unique studies, we recommend speaking with a member of our team. They’ll ensure that DDC is the best solution for you and, if not, provide suggestions for moving forward with other solutions from our eClinical suite of products.

Meet Jack

Jack is responsible for collecting the same data from more than 50 patients at a rural study site with extremely limited wireless internet coverage. What’s more, he does it all manually. Clinicians move from patient to patient, laboriously recording data onto paper forms; then, team members enter it into his organization’s Medrio EDC system. Jack and his team work very hard, but despite their diligence, it’s still easy to make a mistake when transcribing data. To guard against errors, Jack’s colleagues must verify that each data point entered into Medrio EDC matches what originally appeared on the paper form. Jack (and his team) are stressed out and exhausted. They know there has to be a more efficient and accurate way to manage data capture at this research site.

Meet Jill

Jill is responsible for collecting the same data as Jack at a site with no internet coverage, but her team takes advantage of Medrio’s Direct Data Capture (DDC) mobile app. Jill’s team syncs their tablets to ensure they have the most current study configuration and data before setting out for the day and once at the site’s remote location, Jill and her team use tablets that capture data directly while offline, eliminating the use of paper forms. 

Once the tablets are back online, the data automatically transfers from the app to her organization’s Medrio EDC. That’s it. Jill’s team doesn’t have to worry about transcription errors or validating source data. If clinicians make a mistake, forget to report something, or enter a result outside of the acceptable range, DDC can help alert the clinician even while offline and can be configured so that Jill is automatically alerted in cases where needed when the tablet is able to sync. 

She works closely with a Medrio DDC expert to manage workflows and mid-study changes, ensuring that her data is always properly synced and adheres to the latest version of the protocol. Jill has all the data she needs—and then some—to stay on top of regulations and make sure her study is fully compliant. Jill is chill.

Medrio DDC Helps You (and Jill)

  • Collect data offline in locations with extremely limited or no internet coverage
  • Automatically sync your data to Medrio EDC once DDC is back online
  • Increase the efficiency of data capture with a simple user interface
  • Save valuable time by reducing headaches associated with source data verification (SDV)
  • Receive automatic alerts about possible data issues
  • Make mid-study changes autonomously and without downtime
  • Use your preferred device – iOS or Android
  • Save money… and your sanity

Capturing eSource with Medrio

Medrio provides a number of solutions for capturing clinical trial source data electronically. If you’re not sure that Medrio DDC is the right eClinical technology for your study, we suggest checking out Medrio EDC or contacting us directly for a conversation about how Medrio can help.

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