Medrio selected again (and again) to support biotech advances in diabetes

In the United States, roughly one in ten people have some form of diabetes — and over 20 percent of them are undiagnosed.[1] Studying diabetes is challenging because the condition impacts so many parts of the body; if left uncontrolled, complications can include stroke, amputation, blindness, and death.

Medrio is proud to partner with industry-leading innovators who are continuously advancing diabetes diagnostics and therapies. Recognizing that researchers face many options when evaluating the best EDC for their individual study design, we recently sat down with the Director of Clinical Data Management at a leading biotechnology company to gain his perspectives about why the organization continues to select Medrio’s EDC.

Since becoming a Medrio customer in 2016, this leading biotech has completed six studies leveraging Medrio’s EDC platform and is currently running several additional studies using Medrio software in its efforts to advance novel stem cell therapies for diabetic patients. 

The company’s director of Clinical Data Management offered the following checklist of key things he sought when initially evaluating Medrio as an EDC partner six years ago and shared how Medrio has consistently delivered on all three elements:

  1. Proven Expertise: a trusted name in the eClinical space
  2. Robust Support and Training: a vendor with ample resources to ensure ease of learning and adoption
  3. Easy-to-Use Platform: a user experience that sites and users would both love

“With Medrio, the information is really clear,” he explains. “The change reports, data dictionary, and library of prebuilt documents, like CRFs, really take a lot of burden off of the data manager – especially when you’re interacting with other groups like SaaS programming.”

With Medrio EDC, this leading diabetes biotech is able to get a new database up and live within two weeks – a task that took two months with other vendors.

“It all comes back to data. You’re always crunched on timelines. Being able to quickly and easily get everything set up and ready is really important,” he shares. “With other systems I’ve worked in, it was very difficult to find things. We had to have so many quick reference guides to remind us how to get things started for certain sections. Whereas, in Medrio, everything is just spelled out for you.”

Seamless and Effortless Mid-Study Database Modifications

Fast-forwarding to today’s business environment, the Director of Clinical Data Management acknowledged that he has added a fourth must-have element on his checklist, stating, “If you fast forward to now, the one big thing I’m looking for is being able to deploy mid-study changes without having to shut down the database.”

He has seen how cumbersome and time-consuming it can be to implement a mid-study change in other systems that require extensive coding or programming knowledge, while more modern systems, like Medrio, are designed to empower users to build studies themselves through an agile, intuitive interface.

With prior technology partners, the workflow surrounding mid-study changes was too complex, costing the organization time and money. This diabetes biotech has found that Medrio’s platform is purpose-built from a system configuration perspective to meet the demand for agility in today’s trials. “Database modifications are seamless and effortless in Medrio,” he says. “That’s what I tell people if they ask me what’s my favorite feature about it. It’s always been very easy and streamlined.”

At Medrio, mid-study changes take an average of seven hours to complete – while the industry average is over 35 days.

Responsive Support Makes All the Difference 

Medrio’s EDC is flexible and easy to use, but we also back up our nimble platform with a support team of system experts equipped to help at a moment’s notice.

“I haven’t experienced another vendor with this level of support. Anytime I’ve ever needed anything, I can reach out and get a resolution within a few hours – that’s always been really vital.” Over 90 percent of Medrio support tasks are addressed in less than 10 minutes, while Medrio support resolves 25 percent of tickets on first contact.

“Medrio support is responsive, friendly, and helpful,” but they also listen to their customers, he says. Medrio encourages customers to submit feature requests through a Community platform so that we are always improving and providing the type of support our users need. Medrio delivered 70 product enhancements in 2022 alone, including customer suggestions that received the most votes from the Community.

“Medrio has always listened to what issues or improvements I may have desired or would be nice to have. I noticed over time that those features got folded into the releases. Medrio does a good job at listening to its customers and actually acting on that feedback. That is pretty important.”

Learn more about Medrio’s electronic data capture system, or request a demo and see Medrio EDC for yourself.


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