Why Use an EDC for Animal Health Studies?

On the willingness of the Animal Health sector to move to electronic data capture: [1:40]

So, the willingness of the animal health medication research can be classified in either technology or costs. Technology usually means that the company needs to invest in equipment…. Then the cost is also a huge driving factor in switching studies destined for paper to EDC. Many smaller sponsors do not make provision for a software budget, or they will never be able to afford additional expenses for this.

So what’s the greatest improvement you’ve seen from running a trial on EDC compared to paper? [5:05]

Well, there’s no backlog in the data entry team and no risk of transcription errors. For our paper studies we perform double entry on most studies followed by an automated comparison and another manual check to check the percentage of data… So this process is eliminated and the data coordination department can focus now solely on the data quality.

What plans do you have for future studies that would typically run on paper? Is your goal to move everything to electronic data capture? [6:05]

Yes. It’s a goal of Clindata to get as many studies moved over to EDC, but for some cases EDC is just not feasible…. But for the majority of studies, we are actively working on to get studies transitioned to EDC.

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