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Why Medrio RTSM?

Flexibility for Every Trial

A tablet showing Medrio RTSM homescreen, with a magenta blob behind itWe’ve been supporting sites and sponsors with this solution for over 18 years, and we’ve learned a thing or two along the way.  We recognized the need for a full-service RTSM, and we delivered. We delivered so well that we have seamlessly moved more than 250,000 units to 2400 sites in 50 countries.

Unique trials require unique solutions, and our RTSM offers options to meet your needs. Are you looking for an early phase, low complexity, budget-friendly option? Check. Full-service RSTM for the duration of your trial?  We’ve got you covered! You can rest assured that our fully customizable RTSM can meet your needs and your budget. See a demo today.