Decentralized Trials

Why CTMS Is Critical As Trial Complexities Increase

The clinical trials industry is buckling under the weight of continuously growing complexities. Developing an interconnected clinical trials ecosystem will be essential to minimizing the ripple effects of complexity impacting your sites and patients.   As…
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4 Reasons Decentralized Trials Are Here to Stay

Long before the global pandemic, clinical trial sponsors were consumed with accelerating their studies and improving the trial experience for key stakeholders. Decentralization emerged as a leading factor in this pursuit. As COVID-19 inundated healthcare…
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5 Essential Considerations for Global Clinical Trials

Over the past 10 years, the clinical trial industry has transformed dramatically. Globalization has taken off, giving rise to Contract Resource Organization (CRO) outsourcing, decentralized clinical trials, and overall greater transnational collaboration. Take a look…
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COVID-19: The Catalyst for Change

With the onset of COVID-19, sponsors and CROs are actively looking for ways to continue non-COVID-19 trials that have been left in a standstill due to shelter-in-place and local lockdown enforcements. The modern and highly…
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