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Medrio and PHARMASEAL: Your Single Source of Truth for Clinical Trial Management

Solution Sheet

Clinical trial operations management is no easy feat. From competing demands, regulatory pressures, and budget constraints—you can’t afford to rely on unreliable data. When data is coming in from numerous disconnected sources, it can cause trial delays or result in redundancies, inaccuracies, and manual reconciliation. Without proper document management, preserved audit trails, and a validated environment, even the best study team can fail to satisfy regulator needs and reach market approval. 

Decisions on how and where your team collects, analyzes, and stores data ripples over into all aspects of trial management including patient safety, regulatory compliance, trial outcomes, timelines, and budget. It’s critical that you equip your teams with a tool capable of providing timely and accurate insights across global teams and facilities. You need purpose-built eClinical integrations that inspire confidence through visibility, accuracy, and control. You need Medrio and PHARMASEAL’s single source of truth for trial management.

We understand your pain points, which is why we've partnered with PHARMASEAL to reduce redundancies and maximize trial efficiencies that will save you time, money, and unnecessary stress.

Legacy CTMS Solutions Cause Headaches

  • Blind spots and information silos caused by storing data on separate systems hinder your informed decision-making.
  • Data discrepancies between platforms can be easy to miss, hard to correct, and result in costly inefficiencies. 
  • Sponsors and CROs often lack granular visibility and standardized data management necessary to identify root-cause issues.
  • Delays from disparate data sources can prevent you from being inspection-ready or lead to issues reconciling and managing study payments.
  • You may be facing growing pains due to an expanding trial pipeline or increasing trial complexity and need the technology solutions that can support your changing environment.
  • You’re tired of cumbersome, clunky legacy CTMS systems that are difficult to use and don’t natively integrate with other technologies.

About Our Integration

  • Technology That Natively Speaks
    Data ingested by Medrio is sent to PHARMASEAL’s Engility® Trial Management platform, where it auto-populates information on patient, study, and site activities, including site payments.
  • Manage Your Master Files
    With a centrally located eTMF, you can feel confident in your regulatory readiness and not worry about having to scramble to find important documents when auditors come knocking.
  • Purpose-Built Connectors
    We’ve bridged the gaps between our solutions to streamline your research by fostering hyper collaboration, integrating complex supply chains, and enhancing study oversight. 
  • Safe and Secure
    Medrio and Engility® help you maintain a strong security posture through flexible and configurable data access controls at the customer, study, country, and site levels.

Benefits of Our Integration

Data Visualization

Achieve full data visualization in a matter of hours, instead of potentially days with non-native systems.

Full Control

Stop relying on IT or third-party experts. Our intuitive platforms put you in full control of your study management strategy.

Higher-Quality Data

Eliminated discrepancies, duplicate entry, and manual transcription with our single source of truth.

Better Oversight

Maintain close oversight of study performance with Englity®'s pre-built and custom business intelligence dashboards and reports.


Set up studies quickly and configure them to meet your unique needs using our interoperable ecosystem of eClinical applications and platforms.

Audit History & Restricted Access

Say goodbye to other third party tools. Our native integrations come equipped with a full audit history and user restricted access so you can control data at multiple levels.

Intuitive Design

Our feature-rich solutions and programmerless interfaces are designed to be intuitive for study teams.

Expert Support

Lean on our expert support teams, day or night, to answer your questions, expedite issue resolution, and keep your studies on track.