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Decentralized Clinical Trials Are on the Rise


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Webinar Notes

Everyone in the life sciences industry wants to get life-saving medications in the hands of patients as quickly as possible. But clinical trials are increasingly problematic – rising costs, lengthy timelines, and recruitment issues continue to cause delays.

Innovative solutions are needed to revolutionize the clinical trial landscape. One promising area is the rise of decentralized trials which can help speed up timelines, reduce errors, lower costs, and more.

This webinar will address the opportunities available through decentralized clinical trials. Webinar attendees will learn:

  • The status of clinical trials today and why change is needed
  • How decentralized clinical trials differ from traditional clinical trials
  • Common data collection issues
  • How innovative products can help them move forward

Webinar Hosts

Bola Oyegunwa

Vice President and Global Head of Hybrid and Virtual Trials, Covance

Dr. Bola Oyegunwa is the Vice President and Head of Virtual trials at Covance. Bola is an industry thought leader in developing and implementing virtual trial solutions. Bola has led the implementation of innovative technology-enabled hybrid and virtual trials solutions for leading Biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Bola is a champion for reducing patient burden in clinical trials and regularly engages with regulatory authorities across North America and Europe to remove regulatory barriers to the adoption of virtual clinical trials. Bola is an ex-strategy consultant and has held leadership roles in Corporate Strategy, Product Development and Innovation at leading CROs.

Mike Novotny

Founder and Board Member, Medrio

Mike Novotny is the founder and CEO of Medrio. Mr. Novotny applies 20 years of experience in research and software to his eClinical SaaS vision. Prior to founding Medrio, Mr. Novotny was president of Ninaza, an EDC software company, and had previously held roles as a research associate at the U.N. and a manager of the fraud database at VISA. He holds a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from Columbia University. Mr. Novotny founded Medrio in 2005 in San Francisco.