Meet Medrio Recap: How an Optimized RTSM Can Simplify Complexity and Help You Achieve Goals

What’s your top priority when selecting an RTSM solution? Is it a tool that helps you streamline operations to reduce exorbitant trial costs? Or perhaps you need high configurability to navigate complex trial operations?

Whether your priority is speed, cost, vendor support, or overall configurability, it’s critical that teams find the right RTSM solution to help them achieve study goals. 

Our latest Meet Medrio webinar explored how decision makers can identify the right RTSM solution and configure it to help them not only meet, but exceed trial objectives. Below is a recap of the highlights covered in that webinar.

Optimizing RTSM to Simplify Trial Complexities 

The term ‘trial complexities’ can be vague; but that is because a lot of factors can introduce unnecessary or unexpected complexities to your trial operations. Studies today are collecting greater swaths of data, operating across more dispersed sites, and recruiting patients from more diverse locations. 

As each new factor is introduced, teams need ways to adapt to these changes and simplify the growing complexity. That is where the concept of an optimized RTSM solution comes in. 

What is an optimized RTSM? 

Many solutions on the market offer an overwhelming number of features and functionalities that can leave users feeling confused and cause issues with platform agility. A flexible RTSM like Medrio will offer a full range of features, but will work closely alongside our customers to identify the critical functions in order to build a more streamlined RTSM. 

When RTSM is optimized, the right features and functionalities are being utilized without being encumbered by unnecessary bells and whistles. This allows teams to capture data from critical trial functions without capturing unnecessary data that introduces complexity.

Using Optimized RTSM to Simplify Trial Complexities 

An optimized RTSM solution can simplify trial complexity in the following ways: 

  • An optimized solution empowers teams to control products throughout their entire lifecycles—from depot, to site, to subject and back—which helps reduce waste by up to 40%.
  • Instead of collecting data that isn’t critical to your trial, optimized RTSM allows teams to customize workflows and functionalities so they are only collecting data they need. 
  • Easily randomize trial participants and protect patient privacy using RTSM workflows optimized for randomization. 
  • By integrating directly with your Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO), and Electronic Consent (eConsent) an optimized RTSM solution can ensure seamless accuracy and timeliness of data.

How Does Medrio Deliver Optimized RTSM?

Medrio RTSM is built for speed and configurability. Our flexible solution allows users to design an RTSM solution that is unique to their needs without any unnecessary platform bloat. But we also understand that determining critical functionalities can be time consuming or overwhelming, especially if you haven’t used an RTSM before.

That is why we approach optimized RTSM as a collaborative design process. Medrio’s team of RTSM experts acts as an extension of our customers so we can help you build randomization or trial supply workflows that best support your unique study needs. 

We start by identifying your expectations for the study so we can build the workflows for you. Once build-out has been determined, we maintain a transparent implementation process so teams can see live progress and weigh-in on study design. 

The goal of the partnership isn’t for us to help you manage complexities in your trial. Our goal is to help you avoid complexities altogether by building an optimized RTSM specific to your needs. Once a good process is built, it can be scaled and configured as needed throughout the course of the study or in future studies. 

What We’ve Learned From Shipping 250,000+ Units

Optimizing your RTSM requires more than just the right technology. In order to get the right product to the right participant at the right time and place, teams must rely on the right technology vendor. 

Medrio has supported trial operations in over 50 countries spanning more than 2,400 sites and 250,000 units. In that time, we’ve recognized three common best practices that enable teams to achieve RTSM success:

  1. Minimize Your Strata: When too many strata are introduced, it results in empty or sparse strata and it can increase the number of trial participants required, resulting in longer trial timelines. Medrio helps teams determine and minimize necessary strata by discussing strata early in the planning process and looking at it from an operational perspective. 
  2. Serialize Your Product: Teams may fear that serialization will introduce more complexity to their trials. In reality, serialization not only minimizes complexity, it creates a chain of custody and accountability that actually empowers teams to proactively manage their inventory. Having the right technology vendor can help teams serialize their products without falling victim to unnecessary complexity. 
  3. Engage Your Vendor Sooner: One of the easiest ways to reduce trial complexity is to engage with your technology vendors as early as possible. Vendors know what to plan for and what to expect, as well as how to build your randomization or trial supply into your overall trial management process.

Steps to Achieving RTSM Success

  1. Define what RTSM success looks like to you—You can’t measure success without defining what success looks like and what you want your RTSM to do. 
  2. Define metrics to measure performance—Whether it’s patient delivery timelines or limiting the number of change requests, defining critical metrics early is necessary to building an effective RTSM strategy. 
  3. Find your right-fit vendor—What type of relationship do you want to build? If your vendor knows your expectations and is willing to work collaboratively, they can build the best study for YOU and you can trust your parameters are being followed.
  4. Build an optimized RTSM—Work with your vendor to determine what tools, features, and functionalities are mission critical to the success of your study so you can build an optimized RTSM for your specific study or protocol.
  5. Sit back and relax—With the right vendor and workflows in place, you can trust your parameters are being followed without having to actively manage ongoing complexities. Your vendor shouldn’t disappear once the contract is signed; they stick around through study close to be a partner when you need them. 

Medrio Is Your Optimized RTSM Solution

Many companies claim to offer configurability and quick turnarounds, but few other companies have first-hand experience optimizing clinical operations through collaboration like Medrio.

With the ability to be optimized for your unique study and with transparency built into our implementation process, Medrio RTSM is able to offer essential functionality without complexity.

See our product in action.