Fast and Intuitive Software for Medical Device Researchers

As a medical device researcher, you need an eClinical platform that will simplify your clinical operations without adding excessive costs, time, and logistical headaches to your trials. With intuitive solutions and robust support resources, Medrio is here to serve you in your most efficient and cost-effective trials yet.

An Easier Process for Bringing Products to Market

Medrio’s easy-to-use, cloud-based platform empowers device researchers to streamline data collection, improve patient engagement, and ensure compliance in a changing regulatory landscape. Device researchers everywhere are making the seamless transition from paper to Medrio EDC, and getting up and running in the software in a snap. And with top-tier customer support at your side, you have abundant resources to keep your product’s journey to market smooth and easy.

Fast and easy to use
Fast and easy to use

Quickly build studies using a point-and-click interface with no programming required. Deploy mid-study changes without downtime and enhance patient engagement by allowing volunteers to complete PRO surveys from the comfort of their homes. Medrio’s intuitive platform facilitates all this and more – keeping your processes simple and straightforward.

Unparalleled support and training
Unparalleled support and training

Industry-leading support and onboarding resources are available around the world, and at all hours, to get you up and running quickly and keep your studies running smoothly. Medrio also offers robust and flexible training, either in person or through our eLearning platform.

Low total cost of ownership
Low total cost of ownership

Short medical device studies with straightforward designs have no need to spend valuable budget on a full range of EDC modules. Medrio’s transparent, subscription-based pricing lets you choose, and pay for, only the modules you need. Combine this with savings from more efficient data collection and less reliance on IT support, and you have powerful tools even smaller budgets can utilize.

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What our customers have to say about us

We offer 24/7/365 customer support and have a 98% customer satisfaction rating.

The Medrio Difference for Medical Device Research

Medrio EDC

Build studies on your own in days instead of months, make mid-study changes with a few clicks of a mouse, and instantly access study data – all on an innovative, cloud-based EDC platform provided at an affordable, subscription-based cost.

Medrio DDC

Streamline site level data entry, eliminate paper, and reduce monitoring costs with Medrio’s integrated DDC tablet app. With these efficiencies, your device studies are on the fast track to success.

Medrio ePRO

With Medrio’s compliant and affordable ePRO application, you can stay better attuned to the patient experience, as well as cater to patient convenience by allowing patients to fill out PRO surveys and questionnaires via email.

Medrio eConsent

Speed up your consenting process and ensure compliance with our innovative tablet application. Medrio eConsent empowers you to enhance the experience and comprehension of your trial patients during informed consent, leading to more comfortable patients and higher retention rates.

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