Don’t Miss Us at MAGI 2018 West!

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This October, Fred Martin, Vice President of Product and Engineering at Medrio, will be at MAGI 2018 West to give a presentation and interface with industry professionals. Here’s Fred on his upcoming trip to San Diego for the conference.

As we enter my favorite season (football, sweaters, autumn colors and the holidays), Medrio is approaching the last stretch of our yearly conference circuit. While the team debriefs from a successful SCDM in Seattle, where we met hundreds of professionals in clinical data management and showcased our new eConsent platform, I’ll be heading down to San Diego for MAGI 2018 West. Here I will not only get to interact with site operations experts, I’ll have the privilege to present on new uses of technology in clinical research and get feedback from the attendees on their experiences. The conference, which promises to draw over 700 people, will run from October 21 to 24, and will feature sessions and workshops in six tracks as well as exciting networking opportunities.

We at Medrio love going to MAGI. Last year, reps from our Business Development and Product teams attended MAGI West when the conference came to Medrio’s hometown of San Francisco. These teams spent three days interacting with attendees to discuss issues of interest to clinical trial sites, and how they can best use the wealth of technological resources available to researchers today. We expect this year’s event to be equally valuable, and I hope to see you there.

Sites and Medrio: A Strong Partnership

MAGI 2018 West will offer a great opportunity to connect with a group that makes up a growing portion of our user base: clinical trial sites. Medrio has historically worked with sponsors and CROs, and we still do. But in recent years – especially with the growing popularity of our eSource and ePRO platforms and the upcoming release of Medrio eConsent – we’ve had the chance to get an up-close look at the priorities of sites and the common challenges they face, and have applied this information across all of our products.

We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from sites on these efforts, and a recent survey from MAGI confirms that we’ve rapidly become a leader in site satisfaction. The survey, which MAGI conducted this summer, asked 160 respondents – mostly site staff – to describe their level of satisfaction with a handful of eClinical products. The result: Medrio ranked in the top three providers of electronic data capture, edging out some of the biggest names in the eClinical space. Respondents cited user access, setup speed, and training as the major sources of satisfaction – all areas in which we’ve always prided ourselves at Medrio. At MAGI 2018 West, my biggest priority will be to investigate how we can make sites even happier with our technology.

Talking technology and regulation

While this isn’t our first MAGI conference, it is the first time we’ve had a slot on their speaking agenda. For the presentation, I’ll be joining forces with Angela Nelms, the COO of Florence and an expert in electronic regulatory and data entry solutions at sites, sponsors, and CROs. Together, we’ll be discussing the exciting potential applications of technology such as EHR and wearable mHealth devices in clinical trials, as well as how to understand and address the regulatory considerations around implementing this technology. I’m excited to collaborate with a fellow clinical trial technology expert to shed light on one of the hottest issues facing the industry today.

All in all, MAGI 2018 West is sure to be full of valuable insight from site-focused clinical research professionals of all stripes. I hope to see you in San Diego!