Spectrum uses Medrio EDC for better clinical trials


Abhinav Jain explains how Medrio EDC brings his clinical trials a special blend of ease-of-use, affordability, and cutting-edge product features. Medrio helps clinical trial sponsors and contract research organizations accelerate and simplify their clinical trial processes.


The first time I encountered Medrio, I thought the ease-of-use is great it checks all the boxes affordability, ease-of-use, user friendliness. Earlier when I used to work with EDC’s and the other products that we use it was like you have to choose two out of those either affordability, ease of use, or user friendliness, but Medrio I think does all three in other EDC’s it’s like when you approach them with an issue its like, get a ticket and wait (chuckle) but with Medrio we get that personalized touch, I think the people on the phone they like when ever we talk to a person I think they are a technical person they are able to really get to the crux of the problem very quickly whenever we have pointed out any I wouldn’t say issue but a certain requirement that we particularly haveand probably their other customers don’thave but Medrio has been very responsive. When we are still using paper then we came to like a CRO set up and we were utilizing that kind of setup we took it for granted that to like to start a study from scratch it will take you around a month/two months before because of all that communication backand forth through the CROs but with Medrio we felt that all those steps get cut out. We get all the benefits we don’t get the pain like maintaining a server and someone who has to do IT and everything a whole new department has to like cater to us that bit is not a requirement with Medrio.