Medrio helped Quidel get away from paper


Michele Harden describes how she is creating diagnostics studies faster and easier through a cloud-based EDC.


We were originally doing paper studies then we came across Medrio, it was night and day difference as far as how quickly you could develop your forms and your structure and go from you know nothing to ready to deploy and it’s pretty intuitive too so it didn’t take a long time to figure out how to make the forms the thing that stands out to me about Medrio is its ease of use it is it is quick to be able to go from looking at your protocol to developing your forms and be ready to deploy in very little time. I can have the forms built in just a couple of days give it to the team for testing and we’re live in about a week. Each site enters their own data in regarding their site and we also have labs entering their data as well so all this data is coming in from all these different sources and it’s coming in real-time so you can see how your study’s doing you can see are we on target or are we going to have to maybe do an amendment do we have to look at something else. I like the feature where you can take the paperwork sheet forms and attach them right there and Medrio oh so that the PDF becomes part of the record for that subject. The customer service people if you have a question they’re on the phone they quickly and easily lead you through how to get through wherever you’re stuck and where else are you going to get that kind of service? People from Medrio came to our office to give myself and my boss and several people from our lab training and how to use the system. It was convenient it was right there in our office we didn’t have to go anywhere and we could give them use situations that we would perceive for our particular studies this is easy, it is fast, and it’s reasonably priced.