Linear leverages Medrio DDC to streamline workflows

Simone Knab discovered the power of direct data capture (DDC) after relying for years on paper-based data collection. After implementing Medrio EDC and Medrio DDC as her first experience with clinical trial software, her studies have seen more efficient processes, improved data quality, and reduced monitoring costs. Here, she describes her experience with Medrio’s data collection software.

Leveraging Medrio’s data collection software to succeed in clinical trials


Before eSource we were using paper the data collection was certainly a lot of manually intensive we had three different types of people looking at the data the first person capturing the results and the second and third QCing. In eSource, we eliminated the last two people in the process because eSource now can build in edit checks on the form to guide the user when capturing the data. The “WOW” factor was the actual navigation on the esource tablet whereby the participant number subject numbers are static on the left and then you can navigate quickly to to each participant so you are really looking at a one keystroke navigation to each bed and that is the time-saving feature of a site if you’re using a browser sometimes to navigate to the same form to a different subject it’s it can take up to six or seven keystrokes for us in our processes is actually improving the quality for example entering a four-digit number instead of a three, the user will be alerted immediately at that point of entry. The service is second to none so when you located in Australia, in Perth you are isolated from from the rest of the world you are implementing the system for the first time so we had a challenge because we had the Medrio team come out to train us but we were going live in a week and a half so myself and another work colleague actually started doing training with our trainer at Medrio a little bit before online where we set up some Webexs to to really quickly get up skilled how to do the basic setup all the thing all the issues that we need to look out for so it was our first study and we did learn a lot through it and also through the guidance and support of the customer success manager. Medrio’s culture in in the office and the company they are service orientated they they’re really really keen to to understand the clients. To understand what their needs are and to partner with the client so I knew at any time I could pick up the phone and I knew customer success manager would be able to take the call and actually help us very quickly with the technical support team as well and I have not been actually disappointed once we have expertise in clinical trials we’re not an IT company and I think with the leveraging of an IT reputable company like Medrio is great for Linear because we know it’s it’s first-class we know the solution is is solid we know it complies with all the standards and the security is second to none. We’ve had immense interest in Linear purely by adopting an electronic system really by choosing where we saying where we no longer want to use paper we want to move over and use electronic there are sponsors and some CROs that we’ve never actually done business before they’re actually coming to us now reaching out because we are using eSource.