Karius accelerates study build with Medrio


Adama Parham describes what sets Medrio apart from other EDCs when managing diagnostics trials.


I’ve been using Medrio for at least six years so I work with some other databases and the deployment can take several days if not longer just depending upon a company’s structure with Medrio. You create the forms and there’s changes, as long as you validate the changes and you can you have something in live production very, very quickly as long as the Data Manager is able to encompass all that is needed for a clinical trial and is able to validate those specific forms or changes the other departments don’t necessarily have to have a critical key component in that workflow so I’ve had mid-study changes before in the past and it would involve our IT department to create certain scripts to get involved with the database to an extent in which they didn’t necessarily want to but what was required for here again for Medrio that involvement isn’t necessary we can easily map out the variables that you need easily map out the query structure the form structure any particular form rule so it’s very expedient when it comes to saving time so quickest Medrio study build I would say approximately four days I had some questions on how to upload data in a horizontal format and I reached out to Medrio and they were able to provide me an answer within one day so my favorite major feature is the data upload and bulk upload features I have been able to move data from one resource into another location and talking about large complex voluminous datasets and the bulk upload and data upload features have allowed me to save a lot of time also the certification at Medrio. Some systems will just give you a flash or a PowerPoint presentation but I know for Medrio certification I went through several training videos that were in depth in detail and I really enjoyed those videos in that they gave me more confidence and a different perspective from other systems that I’ve used I work with Medrio for quite a number of years when it comes to build speed in time they are very excellent and when it comes to a support, customer support to me it’s parallel to none.