Hollister Incorporated increases volume of device studies with Medrio


Sally Urwin shows how short-term device studies are a breeze on Medrio EDC.


Hollister is a device company and our mission is to make life more dignified and rewarding for the customers who use their products so we do lots of studies that are short-term studies for device products and we do numerous studies per year Hollister Incorporated has been using Medrio since 2013. Medrio allows the flexibility and ease of programming our own studies configuring our own studies in Medrio so, therefore, we don’t use outside consultants very often anymore our programmers for configuring our studies that allows my company to save money and time. Medrio is very quick to go live I’ve found that I can get my study built and tested and go live within a few weeks. Medrio allows us the ability to capture data in a lot of different ways whether it’s directly at a desktop or a site using Medrio at a bedside or our use of the ePRO platform that we can capture outcomes directly from our research participants we love that flexibility and the ability to capture data in a safe secure cloud-based environment that keeps us compliant with regulations and GCP. I love the ability to copy from an old study and pull over my variables and study design from an old study if I have a similar study design it makes my build so much quicker also the pricing structure in Medrio is really helpful to us because we do many many short-term studies through that year and Medrio is an affordable option for us compared to other EDCs I would say one of the things I really appreciated about Medrio is although I’ve been a Data Manager for many many years when I started using Medrio I was able to go through a quick training process the training for Medrio was concise but really comprehensive and immediately after getting my initial training in Medrio I was able to start configuring my studies I think what I appreciate most about Medrio is I feel valued as a customer they have fantastic support online documentation and live support. Online there’s a lot of opportunity to learn and find your resolutions online but whenever I’ve needed live support they’re there for me I get an immediate response and they’re really helpful they follow up quickly so we get away from paper we get away from that extra time needed to do the data entry. Our sites love that!