Clinical Trial Data Services revolutionized their process with Medrio

“I would tell people that are considering Medrio that it’s a great system. It’s easy to use, it’s very straightforward, and it’s very intuitive. It has everything you need to run a clinical trial.” That’s Terri Sampo, Principal Consultant at Clinical Trial Data Services, discussing how her CRO has succeeded in their clinical trials with Medrio. Watch our new video to hear her discuss the intuitiveness of the software, the flexibility of the pricing model and training, and more.


I’m Terri Sampo, the principal consultant and founder of Clinical Trial Data Services. We are a CRO and are a niche provider. We do data management by statistical analysis. We’ve been using Medrio since 2011 and at the time we were looking for a very cost-effective, easy-to-use solution so we looked around we looked for many months there was a lot of buzz about Medrio at the time. We researched it, we looked at other different other companies and decided on Medrio. Well, we’ve had really great luck with it, it’s been a very nice product for us and our sponsors. A lot of our clients still were using paper-based, especially the early-phase clients they were very cumbersome, very labor intensive. Anytime we had to issue a query to the site we would send that or we would email, it was painful. Medrio has changed our processes by it’s much more efficient it’s a much much more efficient process. Sites now are used to entering data electronically so when we roll out the Metro EDC systems the sites, it’s very easy for the sites to use it’s very easy for them to get trained on the system if they haven’t used it previously so it’s just a much more efficient process. The buying process, using Medrio, is very easy. It’s very simple it’s very straightforward when we started with Medrio we were on a monthly package that worked well for us for a number of years but recently over the past couple years Medrio has come up with the enterprise package and so that has allowed us to pre-purchase monthly payment plans at a reduced rate and it allows us some more flexibility and how we allocate these studies into that prepaid package so that’s been a nice feature that we’ve been using a lot lately. I would tell people that are considering Medrio that is a great system it’s easy to use it’s very straightforward very intuitive it has everything you need to run a clinical trial everything from data entry to data cleaning to data reporting, it has everything you need.