Clindata tackles complex animal health studies with Medrio


Jaco Kasselman explains how Medrio’s EDC system helps him build strong relationships with sponsors through real-time data entry and cloud-based collaboration.


I would recommend making use of Medrio if you’re considering moving over to EDC because it’s easy to to configure a database. You do not need to be a programmer to build a form or program a rule because it’s really just setting up your preferences rather than programming a query the study is always ready for review and data is always available for the sponsor to review. Once the researcher is done in that lab the data is entered they don’t need to go back to their desk, transcribe data into a system. At Clindata since we’re mostly involved in animal studies we have a nice library available that we built and maintain so we have the set of data collection forms designed once there’s a new data collection form template created we’ll just create that in the system again for our database setup, if that long. We’re really excited about the eSource tool that made real release that that’s really nice tool to use for a field study set up when there is no data connectivity and the guys go out to the field with their tablet they can enter data and once they’re back online the data will push through to the server. What stands out in made real for us in animal health is the multiple subject data entry tool and that was adapted so much that it was fully functional for the animal health sector. We’re very pleased to have Medrio support. When we have a ticket locked into the system I can I know that I can escalate it or contact our representative and she’ll immediately make sure that it’s escalated and attended to. So even due to the different time zones I know I can call somebody it’s really quick efficient study site the data management is easy we know the reports will include everything.