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5 Ways RTSM Supports Study Managers

This infographic highlights the benefits of using Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM) systems in clinical trials. It showcases how RTSM streamlines study management, improves data accuracy, enables real-time monitoring, enhances patient safety, and expedite study timelines for study managers.
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Key Considerations For a Successful RTSM Strategy

Developing a successful clinical trial supply chain relies on accurate forecasting. To understand which design elements and functionality are necessary to achieve your study goals, trial operators should carefully think through their entire supply chain.…
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The Future of Informed Consent

From eClinical data collection to telehealth to wearables and beyond, the clinical trials industry has seen a mass of technological advances over the past decade. Informed consent is critical to every clinical trial, but often…
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5 Essential Considerations for Global Clinical Trials

Over the past 10 years, the clinical trial industry has transformed dramatically. Globalization has taken off, giving rise to Contract Resource Organization (CRO) outsourcing, decentralized clinical trials, and overall greater transnational collaboration. Take a look…
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COVID-19: The Catalyst for Change

With the onset of COVID-19, sponsors and CROs are actively looking for ways to continue non-COVID-19 trials that have been left in a standstill due to shelter-in-place and local lockdown enforcements. The modern and highly…
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5 Considerations When Choosing an eClinical Platform

Digital technology is now completely intertwined with our lives. It’s transformed the way we communicate personally and professionally and has revolutionized industries from business to banking to transportation. The clinical research industry may have been…
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