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Phase I Clinical Trials: Find Success with Medrio

Solution Sheet

Phase I clinical trials represent a major milestone in a new medical product’s journey from lab to market. With the product now being tested in humans for the first time, the insights gathered in these studies play a key role in determining its viability as a new treatment that can improve public health.

Medrio is known throughout the clinical research industry for understanding the needs of sponsors, CROs, and Research Centers conducting Phase I studies and empowering them to meet and exceed their goals in these pivotal trials. So what do Phase I researchers achieve with Medrio’s eClinical tools?

Speed. Flexibility. Efficiency.

  • Make mid-study changes easily
    Mid-study changes are common in Phase I studies, and researchers need a seamless and efficient way to handle them. In Medrio, you can make mid-study changes without vendor reliance, downtime, database migrations, or fees from Medrio.
  • Build studies in days, not months
    Inefficiencies in the early phases can set the tone for the whole research process, possibly delaying FDA submission and market arrival. With no reliance on programming for eCRF build, Medrio users can build their studies with efficiency, control, and – most importantly – speed.
  • Reuse configuration and save time
    Though different Phase I studies have different characteristics, many use similar designs. With Medrio, you can copy forms and even entire databases from previous studies and use them in your next one. Why start from scratch just to rebuild what you essentially already have?
  • Protect patient safety
    Medrio eSource empowers you to enter data in real-time and detect safety signals quickly – an essential capability in Phase I, where the safety profile of the product is still not fully known.
  • Access lots of other benefits
    From event- and subject-based navigation, to eLearning videos for site staff and other users, to low pricing for smaller studies and beyond, Medrio users benefit from a wide array of features – not just in Phase I, but across all study types.

Medrio empowers sponsors and CROs in all phases of clinical research to accelerate their processes and reduce costs. But it’s our Phase I users who truly see the benefits of getting a strong eClinical start as a product begins its journey to market.

See How Our Solutions Can Accelerate Your Phase I Study

See how we empower sponsors in all phases of clinical research to accelerate their processes and reduce costs.