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Quality EDC Support: What It Looks Like in Clinical Research Today

Solution Sheet

When It Comes To Support, There’s Little Time To Wait

Clinical research is a time-sensitive industry. Competition and public health demands create a mandate to get clinical trial databases locked as quickly as possible. As a result, it’s imperative for eClinical solutions to meet users’ support needs promptly and comprehensively.

Here’s Medrio’s Idea of What Quality EDC Support Looks Like:

  • Available – At any hour of the day, data managers around the world are building forms and entering data. Their support needs shouldn’t be beholden to the business hours of an EDC company based halfway around the world.
  • Familiar – Different eClinical users have different needs. Support reps should understand those needs so that they can tailor their efforts to each particular case.
  • Flexible – Not every support need requires opening a ticket. EDC users should have access to tools to handle minor issues autonomously.

The Medrio Way: Ample Resources To Keep Your Studies Running Smoothly

Medrio users have access to a host of resources allowing them to get their support needs met quickly and on their terms:

  • 24/7 Support – Medrio has support staff located around the world so that users can get the support they need any hour of any day, no matter where they are.
  • Relationships – Medrio Support knows your studies and understands your needs. Qualified users have dedicated Customer Success Managers to make sure nothing flies under the radar.
  • Support that fits your needs – There’s more than one way to access Medrio Support. eLearning lets users train their own way, and Community allows users to share tips, fixes, and best practices with each other as an alternative to opening a support ticket.

By The Numbers

  • Satisfaction – In 2017, 91% of surveyed Medrio customers reported that they were “very satisfied” with Medrio Support.
  • Speed – It takes Medrio Support, on average, less than one business day to resolve and close a support case.
  • 91% of support cases submitted to Medrio’s headquarters receive responses in 10 minutes or less.

Medrio Users Share Their Stories

Sponsors and CROs around the world have maximized their EDC experience and kept their studies on track with the help of Medrio Support.

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